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Amanprana Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Now Certified to Use the Leaping Bunny Logo

Leaping Bunny logo: Guarantees no animal testing of Amanprana natural vegan cosmetics

'Don't put any ingredients in your cosmetics which have been tested (inhumanely) on animals.' That's the fundamental principle behind the Leaping Bunny programme. Since its inception, Amanprana has proudly placed a high premium on animal (and human) rights. This commitment is now being recognised with the awarding of the Leaping Bunny logo. From today, Noble House is permitted to display the logo with the little blue bunny on all its Amanprana personal care products.

The organisation behind the Leaping Bunny programme is ECEAE, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments. It was founded in 1990 by a group of animal rights organisations, including GAIA in Belgium, EDEV in the Netherlands, BUAV in the UK, One Voice in France, and Deutscher Tierschutzbund and Menschen für Tierrechte in Germany, with the aim of campaigning to end animal testing of cosmetics and personal care products, as well as the use in cosmetics of ingredients which have been tested on animals. To monitor the compliance with the Regulation of manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetic products and ingredients, ECEAE created an auditing tool, the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS).

ECEAE's campaigns achieved rapid results in Europe. The 2009 European Cosmetics Directive included a clause relating to animal testing, which encouraged companies to replace experiments on animals with 'alternative methods', where such methods exist and are able to provide a satisfactory result from a scientific point of view. Amanprana goes further than the European regulation: not one of Amanprana's products, nor a single ingredient in any of its products, is tested on animals. In addition, none of Amanprana's personal care products or cosmetics contain animal products; they are all 100% vegan and natural.

Soon, all Amanprana personal care products will bear the Leaping Bunny logo: mouth oil, facial oil, massage oil, scrubs, Shangri-la ORAC facial serum, Razoli shaving oil, Alana make-up remover, and so on. In practice, the Leaping Bunny logo signifies that:

  • The end product (cosmetic / personal care product) was not tested on animals;
  • The ingredients in the cosmetic / personal care product were not tested on animals;
  • Amanprana's suppliers do not test their ingredients on animals;
  • Amanprana will be required to renew its certification every year; and
  • Amanprana has set the date of 1 January 1996 (the date on which Amanprana was founded) as its start date for Leaping Bunny compliance. It declares that it has not engaged in animal testing since that date.



Body Care
  • Organic
  • Bodycare with aromatherapy
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No unnecessary processes and additives such as isolates or chemicals
  • Violet glass protects the valuable ingredients
  • Animal-friendly bodycare: ‘Leaping Bunny’ label for Amanprana
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Shangri-la nourishes the skin and the body and does not tax them. The skin is able to recover and rejuvenate Alana removes make-up without alcohol, water or chemicals