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Breastfeeding with love is more obvious with Mamilla nipple fissure balm.

Don't let fissures of the nipple ruin the beautiful intimacy of breastfeeding. Rest assured with Mamilla.

Nipple fissures

Your nipples must withstand a great deal when you are breastfeeding. And if you suffer from fissures of the nipple then the beautifully intimacy of nursing can be disturbed by the pain you suffer. Sometimes, sore nipples could even lead to new mothers quitting breastfeeding. How to use Amanprana Mamilla nipple fissure balm? The trick is to massage Amanprana Mamilla nipple fissure balm daily into your breasts before giving birth. Continue to nurture your breasts and nipples using Mamilla when breastfeeding, and even after breastfeeding you can keep your nipples and areolas supple with Mamilla.

Mamilla nipple fissure balm contains 100% organic and active ingredients. Safe nursing for mother and child alike

Use Amanprana Mamilla when nursing to combat thrush, sore nipples and breast infections Mamilla is available in two versions: as a balm or as an oil. The balm contains fair trade cacao butter from Ecuador, fair trade coconut oil from Sri Lanka and Roman chamomile from Nepal. And that's it! The oil comes in a handy pocket-sized roller and contains extra virgin almond oil from Spain, fair trade coconut oil from Sri Lanka and Roman chamomile from Nepal, and nothing else.

Mamilla scores full marks on the Rita Stiens safe ingredients list: safe treatment when nursing and for painful nipples

The Amanprana philosophy is to 'apply to your skin those things that you can also eat', so say goodbye to the so-called natural products containing toxins that are harmful to your breasts as well as to your bundle of joy. Use your normal brand to do the Rita Stiens safe ingredients test at www.kosmetik-check.de or www.laveritesurlescosmetiques.com. The packaging is also an important factor, which is why Mamilla comes in glass jars and never in plastic (which seeps into the contents). It's better for you, better for your baby and better for the environment, and the jar is also made of ultraviolet glass, protecting the precious ingredients from UV light.

Thrush, a Candida albicans infection, in both mother and child when breastfeeding

Thrush is a harmless but painful Candida albicans infection that commonly occurs in the mouths of nursing babies and on the nipples of breastfeeding mothers. It is one of the primary reasons why women stop breastfeeding.

Use Amanprana Mamilla to treat nipple fissures or thrush Amanprana Mamilla nurtures sore nipples