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Mamilla nipple fissure oil and balm tackle painful or sensitive nipples

Painful or sensitive nipples? Use Mamilla

There can be various reasons for painful, sensitive or itchy nipples. They could be due to oversensitive nerve ends, pregnancy, wearing certain clothes, a mammary gland, hormonal changes, skin infections or irritations, temperature fluctuations, soap, shower gel or perfume, an illness or any number of other causes.

Itchy, painful or irritated nipples can be a temporary or long-term issue, depending on the underlying reason.

Sensitive nipples caused by oversensitivity, resulting in pain or itchiness

Painful or sensitive nipples are often due to the nerve endings on your nipples being oversensitive (they are comparable to those on your fingertips and lips).

If you wear certain types of material, such as silk or lace or abrasive clothing, oversensitive nipples can become irritated, itchy or even painful. Pain can also be caused by scratching as a result of oversensitivity or itchiness.

Oversensitive nipples can react to the cold, heat or temperature fluctuations. The blood vessels suddenly contract, which can be very painful. This is also known as vasospasms or Raynaud's disease.

Painful or itchy nipples when pregnant due to hormonal changes

Pregnancy means many hormonal changes that can be experienced both psychologically and physically. Throughout your pregnancy your nipples can be oversensitive, suddenly start to itch or be sore. This is also the case when undergoing hormonal swings during your menstrual cycles and menopause. They can appear suddenly and last for only a short period.

Mamilla relieves and protects painful, oversensitive and itchy nipples

When you apply Mamilla to your nipples and areolas between breastfeeds they are protected from outside influences.

The ingredients of Mamilla form a protective layer against abrasive clothing, so that you are not as sensitive to them. Chamomile heals and soothes itchiness and irritations to your nipples and areolas.

  • Soothes sore nipples
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • For loving breastfeeding
  • Comes in ultraviolet glass to protect the valuable ingredients from UV rays
  • 100% baby-friendly and hypoallergenic
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Painful or sensitive nipples? Use Amanprana Mamilla nipple fissure balm Failing to care for your nipples causes them to become sensitive. Use Amanprana Mamilla to treat itchy or painful nipples