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Using a breast pump or other device to express milk instead of breastfeeding

A breast pump helps to express milk

There are a number of reasons why a new mother may choose not to breastfeed, and express milk using a breast pump instead. It could be a personal choice or she may be physically unable to, due to her work or other circumstances. A breast pump or other device is the perfect solution for this. There are many devices available and one may have to search for the right one, but what is important is to find one that suits your personal needs so that you are able to relax and express milk during your down times.

Using a breast pump or other device requires care and protection

Should you opt to use a breast pump or other device to express milk, there is a little more work involved. Whichever device you choose, it must always be cleaned properly in order to prevent bacteria or thrush from developing. Wash your hands before use and after expressing dismantle the device and rinse all the parts under cold water to remove protein residues and wash with soap to remove fatty residues. Then the parts must be sterilised in boiling water. This is the only way you can prevent bacteria and fungi from developing.

Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil when expressing

Mamilla is perfect for expressing milk: happy mother, happy childUnfortunately, fissures can still be created when expressing milk using a breast pump if your nipple is not properly inserted into the device. When pumping, these fissures can be pulled open, a very painful experience. And should there still be any bacteria, viruses or fungi present, they will not have the opportunity to penetrate through any wounds and cause an infection.

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Expressing milk with a breast pump or other device is easiest with Amanprana Mamilla Make expressing milk easy with Amanprana Mamilla nipple fissure balm or nipple fissure oil