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The ingredients of Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil. Contains coconut oil, essential oil, cacao butter, chamomile and more

Ingredients of Mamilla nipple fissure balm and nipple fissure oil


Simplicity can sometimes be the most beautiful thing of all, and it is often the case that all you need is a handful of pure and natural ingredients that have a very wide-ranging effect. With both Mamilla nipple fissure balm and Mamilla nipple fissure oil we chose three great ingredients that provide protection and relief for your nipples and areolas.

Mamilla nipple fissure oil contains almond oil, coconut oil and chamomile

We deliberately opted for a liquid version in the form of our nipple fissure oil so that you could easily carry it with you. Our nipple fissure oil comes in a handy pocket size and can be applied easily and discreetly when on the road. It can also be used preventively and provides care and protection from outside influences.

Roman Chamomile or Anthemis Nobilis essential oil

Roman Chamomile essential oil is included in Mamilla and acts as a natural antibiotic.
I heal wounds mildly and gently

The essential oil of Roman chamomile is one of the gentlest oils.

Mamilla nipple fissure balm contains Fairtrade cacao butter, coconut oil and Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile is calming and good for your baby

Roman chamomile is a perfect oil for babies and toddlers for treating rashes and gut cramps. The flowers have a pleasant scent. Chamomile is one of the safest herbs there is and its calming effect is great for restless children.




  • Soothes sore nipples
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • For loving breastfeeding
  • Comes in ultraviolet glass to protect the valuable ingredients from UV rays
  • 100% baby-friendly and hypoallergenic
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Mamilla provides love, thanks to the coconut oil and cacao butter Child and mother alike love the almond oil, essential oil, chamomile and more If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, use Amanprana Mamilla