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Mamilla is free of lanolin (wool grease) and Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

The ingredients of Mamilla nipple fissure ointment and nipple fissure balm

A common gift for new parents is a selection of bodycare products, including ointment for treating nipple fissures. Lansinoh and Purelan are the most common of these.

What's Lanolin (wool grease) ?

Lanolin (wool grease)Lanolin (wool grease) is a natural product that is made using sheep wool and comes from the secretions of the sebaceous glands. It is a complex mixture of alcohols and fatty acids that is used in various cosmetics, including lip balms, shaving creams, hair products and nursing creams.

  • Soothes sore nipples
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • For loving breastfeeding
  • Comes in ultraviolet glass to protect the valuable ingredients from UV rays
  • 100% baby-friendly and hypoallergenic
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Don’t use Vaseline or Lanoline, use Mamilla when breastfeeding Avoid petrolatum, lanolin and Lansinoh: use Mamilla