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"Corsodyl in mouthwash increases the risk of a heart attack by 10%"

Mouthwash with Corsodyl

The story goes that mouthwash is good for your teeth, but is it good for your heart? Mouthwash containing corsodyl was discredited after a study conducted by professor Amrita Ahluwalia (Queen Mary University in London, GB). It shows that people who use mouthwash containing the frequently used ingredient corsodyl have a 10% higher chance of suffering a heart attack. Mouthwash is not only aimed at preventing the formation of cavities, but it also kills useful bacteria, including bacteria which enlarge the blood vessels. They produce nitrite, an important substance in the regulation of blood circulation. The more of these good bacteria you have, the easier oxygen can be absorbed by the body. That is why runners often drink beet juice before a competition, because it improves the production of nitrite. Volunteers who tested a corsodyl mouthwash experienced a significant rise in blood pressure in the hours immediately after use, states the scientific journal Radical Biology and Medicine.

Mouthwash containing alcohol has been the previous subject of criticism. A study in 2009 demonstrated the link with an increased risk of certain types of cancer. A 2011 study by the University of Newcastle revealed that alcohol-containing mouthwash is actually bad for your teeth because it disrupts the chemical balance in your mouth. Above all, alcohol-containing mouthwashes are said to dry your mouth and thus promote the formation of plaque.

Amanprana's opinion:

Listerine and Corsodyl are mouthwashes or mouth rinsing agents. The Amanprana mouth oils Menta and Foeniculum provide safer alternatives. These are not mouthwashes but rather mouth oils, with a soft and 100% natural formula that is corsodyl- and alcohol-free. And yet it is perfectly and non-aggressively effective according to a Dutch study.

Source: Ahluwalia A, Haydar MA S, Kapil Vikas, Lundberg JO, Pearl V, and Weitzberg E. Physiological role for nitrate-reducing oral bacteria in blood pressure control. Free Radical Biology and Medicine. 2014.

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Mouth oil
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Corsodyl in mouthwash increases the risk of a heart attack by 10%