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Corsodyl mouthwash in comparison to Amanprana mouth oil Medicine compared to 100% natural power

We looked at the leaflet accompanying Corsodyl mouthwash. We were concerned about the warnings in the Corsodyl leaflet. Let's read together

Corsodyl mouthwash (medicine):

Amanprana mouth oil (100% natural):

• Rinse mouth, spit out, do not swallow (although accidental swallowing should not be harmful)

• Rinse mouth, spit out. Swallowing is not harmful. You can even take a teaspoon as a remedy against a sore throat.

• Chlorhexidine is not compatible with certain ingredients contained in conventional toothpastes. Therefore, please wait at least 30 minutes after using tooth brushing....

• Brushing your teeth and rinsing with mouth oil are a perfect match for total oral hygiene.

• Avoid contact with eyes and ears.

• Having the product come into contact with eyes and ears does not pose any probleme whatsoever.

• Avoid teeth-whitening products (toothpaste) which may come into contact with the mouthwash, because brown spots may develop on the teeth.

• Teeth-whitening agents and mouth oil can be used simultaneously, with no danger of brown spots forming.

• Allergy against chlorhexidine: consult your doctor and stop using (this medicine).

• No allergic reactions known. 100% natural. Mouth oil is not a medicine.

• Possible side effects: burning sensation on tongue.

• No burning sensation on tongue possible. Fresh and clear sensation in the mouth.

• Possible side effects: discolouration of the tongue.

• No discolouration of the tongue. White deposit indicates a need for detoxication, which can be achieved by means of the Ayurvedic remedy called oil pulling.

• Possible side effects: the inside of the oral cavity starts to flake.

• No dehydration occurs; instead, a healthy soft oral cavity, as well as healing and treatment of the mouth area.

• Possible side effects: swollen salivary glands.

• No swollen salivary glands.

• Possible side effects: skin irritation.

• Healthy for the skin.

• Leaflet does not contain all reported side effects.

• Possible side effects? Healthy teeth, body and mind. Nothing but advantages.

Trust nature. Let food be your medicine. Menta and Foeniculum mouth oils are based on 3000 years of Ayurveda in practice. And Foeniculum is a perfect accompaniment to homeopathy.

Mouth oil
Mouth oil
  • 100% organic
  • For oil pulling
  • Available in two fresh flavours: mint and fennel
  • It’s not medicine, it’s smart oral care
  • Animal and environmentally friendly (no animal tests and 100% natural)
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