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Final project paper by Imane Bouzid and Samira Chaim on oral hygiene – the Netherlands, 2012.

Hypothesis: Amanprana mouth oil has an inhibitory effect on dental plaque.

The objective of the study, conducted using dental plaque bacteria and cultures, was to investigate whether Amanprana mouth oil is effective against dental plaque. The research question is whether or not bacteria growth in dental plaque is curbed by Amanprana mouth oil. If the hypothesis is correct, then the bacteria in the cultures without mouth oil will have increased. In the cultures that contain mouth oil, the bacteria will have stopped growing.

Mouthwashes can cause oral cancer! Amanprana mouth oil cannot.

Without proper oral care, dental plaque changes into tartar and increases the chance of tooth decay and gum infections. Too much lactic acid bacteria in the mouth produces in addition unpleasant breath and harms tooth enamel, which also accelerates the formation of dental plaque. Many people therefore use mouthwash to clean their mouths. Unfortunately, not all mouthwashes are equally harmless. Research at the Dental School of the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, among others, has shown that oral rinsing products based on alcohol can be a cause of oral cancer. The risk of oral cancer among smokers and alcohol users was shown to be even nine times higher. Mouthwashes are usually based on alcohol and chemical substances. Amanprana mouth oil, on the contrary, is based on vegetable oil and natural oil extracts. Amanprana mouth oil is 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% active and 0% chemical.

Conclusion of the study: Amanprana mouth oil curbs the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the mouth and prevents dental plaque and tartar. Proper oral hygiene prevents all sorts of health issues.

Evidence: The Bouzid and Chaim study showed a few notable results by growing dental plaque bacteria in cultures based on bouillon, agar and yeast.

oral hygiene study without mouth oil, image 1
Image 1
oral hygiene study without mouth oil, image 2
Image 2

Image 1: Culture to which bacteria has just been added
Image 2: Culture after 2 days growth at 37°C

After two days of growth, the dental plaque bacteria have clearly grown in all the tested media (image 2). At the end of day two, a teaspoon of Amanprana mouth oil was added to half of the media. Two days later the cultures were again evaluated.

oral hygiene study without mouth oil, image 3
Image 3
oral hygiene study with mouth oil, image 4
Image 4

Image 3: Culture after 4 days growth at 37°C
Image 4: Culture after 4 days growth at 37°C, to which Amanprana mouth oil was added on day 2

When we compare the image without mouth oil (image 3) and the image with mouth oil (image 4), we see a clear difference in the size of the bacterial colonies. The bacteria in the medium with mouth oil have not increased, while those in the other have clearly multiplied. It is clear to see by using felt-tip markings that the bacteria without mouth oil have also become much larger (image 5). This is not the case in the colonies with mouth oil (image 6); some bacteria even seem to have faded.

oral hygiene study without mouth oil, image 5
Image 5
oral hygiene study with mouth oil, image 6
Image 6

Image 5: Culture after 4 days growth (yellow substance) compared to 2 days growth (black markings)
Image 6: Culture to which Amanprana mouth oil was added on day 2, after 4 days growth (yellow substance coincides with black markings from 2 days growth)

The diagrams below make the influence of the mouth oil even more clearly visible. In three cultures(without mouth oil), the bacteria have become at least twice as large between days two and four (image 7). A teaspoon of Amanprana mouth oil was added to the other culture on day two; the growth of bacteria was stopped by the mouth oil (image 8).

Graphic: Culture of bacteria without Amanprana mouth oil

Graphic: Culture of bacteria with Amanprana mouth oil

Amanprana's vision: the better dentists and oral hygienists recommend Amanprana mouth oil. Oral hygiene is more than brushing your teeth. Mouth oil fights lactic acid bacteria and keeps oral flora healthy. Instead of mouthwash, it would be better for dentists and oral hygienists to opt for mouth oil for a healthy way to counter dental plaque, tartar and bad breath, and to improve oral hygiene and general health.




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