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Mouthwash with alcohol or chlorhexidine is bad for your teeth

Listerine and Corsodyl are mouthwashes containing some ingredients which may be bad for your teeth. Alcohol is one of the bad guys. Mouthwash products often contain up to 26% of alcohol to enhance the action of essential ingredients like menthol and eucalyptol. Alcohol extracts water and may give you a dry mouth, which may lead to the formation of plaque, bad breath and an unpleasant tingling sensation in the mouth.

In addition to alcohol, mouthwashes also contain chlorine compounds which cause stains on teeth. This occurs because chlorine compounds react with food components like tannins in tea, coffee and red wine. The action of chlorhexidine is based on the destruction of the cell membrane of bacteria. A major disadvantage is that not only are bad bacteria killed, but also good bacteria, which are required for healthy oral hygiene.

Amanprana's opinion:

Amanprana Menta and Foeniculum are mouth oils. Listerine and Corsodyl are mouthwashes (also called mouth rinsing agents). Some mouthwashes are less healthy than we think. Mouthwash with alcohol and chlorine compounds such as chlorhexidine should be avoided for your health and teeth. Amanaprana mouth oil (not mouthwash) does not contain chlorine compounds, chlorhexidine or alcohol. It is nonetheless perfectly effective in maintaining clean oral hygiene. This was proven by a Dutch study.

Mouth oil
Mouth oil
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Mouthwash with alcohol or chlorhexidine is bad for your teeth