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Oil pulling method with Amanprana mouth oil.

Oil pulling method

Oil pulling is simple. Take one tablespoon of Amanprana mouth oil in your mouth. Suck, gargle and chew. The mouth oil mixes with saliva and absorbs micro-organisms and toxic substances. Always spit out the mouth oil; do not swallow it. A simple method, isn't it?

Oil pulling has a double function

Long oil pulling: With Amanprana mouth oil you can detox your entire body. You suck, gargle and chew with the mouth oil for 15 to 30 minutes. Short oil pulling: Do you use the mouth oil for total oral hygiene? Then opt for a session of 2 to 5 minutes. Your mouth is cleansed gently thanks to the antiseptic properties of Amanprana mouth oil. Before or after brushing, or simply in-between brushing sessions. Watch here the movie of Amanprana mouth oil.

Oil pulling is a good habit. When?

Cleanse your mouth preferably before breakfast. If you want to pull oil several times a day, do so before or after each meal. Use the mouth oil after or before a brushing session and pull oil for 2 to 5 minutes for total oral hygiene. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, excellent results are guaranteed.

Better health after healing crisis

A body that detoxes can initially go through a small crisis in case of long oil pulling. This is because toxic substances are being released. This is a good sign. After the crisis phase your health will be better.

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Mouth oil
Mouth oil
  • 100% organic
  • For oil pulling
  • Available in two fresh flavours: mint and fennel
  • It’s not medicine, it’s smart oral care
  • Animal and environmentally friendly (no animal tests and 100% natural)
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Oil pulling method with Amanprana mouth oil