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Oral & Auris is a high-quality product containing meticulously selected ingredients. It scored top marks from Natrue, Rita Stiens and Skin Deep

Excellent results for Oral & Auris for Skin Deep, Natrue, Leaping Bunny, Rita Stiens


The bar is high at Amanprana when it comes to ingredients. Amanprana rejects the modification of any of its ingredients as well as any chemical additions such as parabens, solvents or other junk. This means that we achieve top marks when compared to other natural products on the market.

Amanprana only works with 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% edible and 100% caring products.
At Amanprana quality comes first!

All of Amanprana’s bodycare products are Natrue certified to level 3:

Oral & Auris earns the Natrue labelAll products bearing the Natrue label do not contain any synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives. Nor do they contain any silicones or its derivatives or petroleum or its derivatives. None of the ingredients carrying the Natrue label have been genetically modified.

Oral & Auris is 100% natural and 100% organic and is not modified in any way, nor does it contain chemical substances or unnatural preservatives. Amanprana has raised the bar as high as possible and demands quality and purity – and nothing less!

Oral & Auris achieves level 3 of the Natrue label: Organic Cosmetics

Natrue’s level 3 – Organic Cosmetics – has the highest requirements. The minimum values for natural ingredients are higher than for level 2, where 95% of the natural ingredients must be derived from organic and/or controlled wild crops, in accordance with the EC eco-regulation.
Only those products that comply with the strict standards of Natrue are awarded Natrue certification and are allowed to bear the Natrue label.

Oral & Auris scores 10/10 in Rita Stiens’ Safe Cosmetics Test

Amanprana Oral & Auris gets a perfect score in the Rita Stiens testRita Stiens is a well-known German cosmetics journalist who has been writing books on cosmetics for 17 years. In 2013 her latest book was published in German, The Truth about Cosmetics. Her books provide well-founded and practical tips on cosmetics for healthy beauty care.

Using the INCI list in her books and the INCI databank on her German and French websites, everybody is able to test the quality of cosmetics. Rita developed the assessment of the ingredients together with an expert in make-up chemicals.

Oral & Auris scores 10 out of 10 on the Rita Stiens tes The Rita Stiens test is based on scientific studies and numerous other sources from public bodies and consumer organisations. Rita believes that prevention is better than cure, which is wise advice in view of the many alarming news stories on the cosmetics industry!

Product: Oral & Auris performs the Rita Stiens test!

score INCI origin comments
Cocos Nucifera: For skincare, fat (coconut) vegetal valid for all INCI names that start with « Cocos Nucifera »
Eugenia Caryophyllus: (Clove) Flower Oil: Active ingredient, fragrance (clove oil) vegetal ---
Citrus Limonum: (Lemon) Oil: Active ingredient (lemon) vegetal ---
Salvia Officinalis: Active ingredient, for skincare (sage) vegetal valid for all INCI names that start with « Salvia Officinalis»
Thymus Vulgaris: Active ingredient, fragrance (thyme) vegetal valid for all INCI names that start with « Vulgaris »
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum: Active ingredient, fragrance (fragrant cinnamon bark) vegetal ---
Chamomilla Recutita: Active ingredient (chamomile) vegetal valid for all INCI names that start with « Chamomilla Recutita »
Cinnamomum Cassia: Active ingredient, fragrance (cinnamon) vegetal ---
Mentha Piperita: Active ingredient, fragrance (mint) vegetal valid for all INCI names that start with « Mentha Piperita »
Rosmarinus Officinalis: Active ingredient, bodycare substance pour la peau (rosemary) vegetal valid for all INCI names that start with « Rosmarinus Officinalis »
Coriandrum Sativum: Active ingredient (coriander) vegetal alid for all INCI names that start with « Rosmarinus Officinalis »

Oral & Auris gets great marks on the American Skin Deep ranking.

Oral & Auris gets great marks on Skin Deep

The US government does not require health studies or pre-marketing tests for the chemical substances contained in bodycare products, even though almost everyone is exposed to them. Skin Deep places the power of information in the hands of the consumers.

If people can then discover what substances are contained in bodycare products and how the chemicals affect their health and that of the environment, they can make well-considered purchasing decisions and play a part in changing the market. At the same time they are arguing that responsibility must be taken for the most vulnerable among us.

Oral & Auris does great in the Skin Deep test

Left column: Coconut oil Clove Lemon Sage Thyme Cinnamon
Right column: Real chamomile Cinnamon Cassia Peppermint Rosemary Coriander seeds
Levels: 0-2: Low Hazard, 3-6: Moderate Hazard, 7-10: High Hazard

Essential oils can sometimes be scored higher in the Skin Deep test because they can irritate the skin or provoke a reaction at higher doses. All our essential oils are organic and of high quality and are correctly dosed so that the skin does not react to them.

Clove in Oral & Auris

Clove received a score of 5 (moderate hazard) when it came to allergies and immunotoxicity. This is only applicable if the recommended maximum concentration is exceeded in bodycare products. There is no danger whatsoever if the concentration is correct and limited.

Oral & Auris bears the Leaping Bunny logo on all its package

Every product in the Amanprana bodycare range now bears the Leaping Bunny label – our mouth oils, facial oils, massage oils, scrubs, Shangri-la orac facial serum, Razoli shaving oil for men and women, Alana make-up remover, Rudolf and Oral & Auris. Click here to find out more about Leaping Bunny.

Oral & Auris has the Leaping Bunny logo

For Oral & Auris we worked together with Test-Vrienden for the very first time!

Through a new project called Test-Vrienden (Test-Friends) we aimed to find out the opinions of our customers. The exciting idea that we could learn and consequently grow through the opinions and experiences of consumers resulted in this first test project, and the results were great!

Anybody suffering from teeth or ear issues could register with us, and we sent them a sample of Oral & Auris so that we could discover their responses. We ultimately launched with 20 people, all of whom provided us with much interesting feedback. After this project Oral & Auris was officially born.

Oral & Auris
Oral & Auris
  • Fast and effective
  • Small and handy
  • 100% natural remedy
  • 100% organic
  • Targeted application
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Oral & Auris is properly tested by Skin Deep, Natrue and Leaping Bunny and passed with flying colours Oral & Auris scores top marks from Rita Stiens Oral & Auris is an excellent choice, say Leaping Bunny and Skin Deep Gebruik de verzachtende Oral & Auris bij tandpijn of oorpijn Oral & Auris is perfect for earache, tinnitus or ear infections