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Ancient traditional way of shaving with shaving oil and a razor blade

Shaving with vegetable oils was the first and historically known form of shaving. Nowadays, shaving oils are used less frequently than traditional shaving soaps and gels, but their popularity is growing, mainly due to their gliding capacity. The oils nourish the skin and offer better protection. Shaving with a razor blade is the purest form of shaving and it considerable decreases the risk of skin irritation. Shaving oil is also very easy to use. We seem to always be looking for faster and better shaving results with electric shavers (Braun, Philips, Epilady) or advanced razor blades. We have drifted so far from the essence of shaving that we have forgotten that the best remedy might actually be in pure simplicity. Pure Amanprana shaving oil returns to that simplicity and pure nature, without the addition of chemicals.

Shaving with a razor blade: reduced risk of nicks, scratches or cuts with shaving oil.

Amanprana shaving oil together with a razor blade (Gillette or Wilkinson) provides a softer, smoother and easier shaving experience. The shaving oil creates a smooth barrier between the skin and the blade. It makes the skin soft and smooth. This allows the blade to slide over the skin more easily, reducing the likeliness of cuts or scratches. The oil makes the hair growth direction clearly visible and allows for more efficient shaving and modelling. After shaving, Amanprana’s nourishing shaving oil will have penetrated the skin, where it can then perform its nurturing work.  Applying aftershave is no longer necessary.

Razoli shaving oil
Razoli shaving oil
  • A smooth shave with no irritation, rash or redness
  • 3 in 1: shaving cream, moisturizer and aftershave
  • Immediately nourishes and calms the skin
  • The razor blade glides fast and smoothly over the skin without cuts
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Ancient traditional way of shaving with shaving oil and a razor blade