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Shaving with a razor: lower the chance of scratches or cuts by using Razoli shaving oil. A guide to the perfect shave for your legs, armpits and pubic hair

Razor for shaving legs, armpits and pubic hairShaving using a razor and Razoli shaving oil means that you’ll have a softer, smoother and easier shave because the oil creates a smooth barrier between the skin and the razor. The shaving oil leaves your skin soft and smooth, allowing the razor to slide easily across your skin and reducing cuts and scratches. The oil means you can easily see in which direction the hairs are growing making shaving or shaping easier. After shaving, the soothing Razoli oil is well-absorbed and the essential oils continue to benefit your skin. You’ll never need aftercare when you use shaving oil when shaving with a razor.

A guide to shaving: a perfect shave for a safe and super-smooth result. Shaving your pubic hair, shaving your legs and armpits.

If your hair is too long it can be sore and difficult to shave with a razor.  First trim your hair with scissors or a clipper. Then finish off with the perfect shave.

  • Razoli  can be applied to dry or wet skin (e.g. in the shower). If you wet your skin first with water your hair is suppler and your pores open up.
  • Put some shaving oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply to your skin.
  • Properly rub and massage the soothing shaving oil into your skin.
  • Hold the razor at 90° to your skin and start off shaving in the direction in which your hair grows.
  • Rinse the razor regularly under running water, or in a basin with hot water. If necessary, dab the razor dry on a towel before continuing.
  • Rinse the skin with some water.
  • Pat the skin dry (especially when having showered).
  • Use Razoli immediately after shaving, to prevent rash, reddening and other skin irritation.
  • To get your hair even shorter so that your skin feels even smoother, shave once again against the direction in which the hair is growing and in all directions. If necessary, apply a little more soothing shaving oil.
  • Your skin will now be beautifully soft and you won’t need any aftershave care. Razoli shaving oil provides all the aftercare you need.

You can also use Razoli between shaves for a healthy and moisturised skin.


Razoli shaving oil
Razoli shaving oil
  • A smooth shave with no irritation, rash or redness
  • 3 in 1: shaving cream, moisturizer and aftershave
  • Immediately nourishes and calms the skin
  • The razor blade glides fast and smoothly over the skin without cuts
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A guide to shaving: a perfect shave a perfect shave for your legs with shaving oil