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3-in-1 shaving oil for efficient and super smooth shaving

3-in-1 shaving oil for efficient and super smooth shaving

100ml: € 37,95 - € 43,95

Make shaving more efficient and easier with our Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil

Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil makes shaving more efficient and much easier. The shaving oil reduces the friction of the blade on the skin. Thanks to the clarity of the oil the hairs remain visible, helping you to see exactly where you have shaved and where you haven't. The oil also reduces the risk of ingrowing hair thanks to a closer and better shave.

Nourishing components in Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil:

The natural components in this oil mixture have nourishing properties, which provide a nurturing and restoring effect on skin irritations or nicks and work to firm and protect the skin against outside influences. The oil provides for perfect hydration. It contains all the ingredients your skin needs during and after shaving. This 3-in-1 shaving oil contains all the substances required to keep your skin healthy and bright.

Razoli shaving oil for men packaging. No shaver required

Softening, lovely aftershave with the Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil

Aftershaves usually contain chemicals and alcohol - substances that may irritate the skin and that you don’t want to apply to it. The content of nourishing ingredients in aftershave is usually less than 2%. Amanprana shaving oil is built up of 100% nourishing ingredients. Applying aftershave is no longer necessary when you are using our Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil. Amanprana sh,,aving oil smells lovely and has a nourishing and hydrating effect. It keeps your skin soft and smooth. Use Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil for a quick and ultra smooth shaving result and great skin care.

Shaving cream, shaving soap, shaving brushes and shaving gel are unnecessary:

The combination of essential oils and extra virgin quality basic oils (olive oil, coconut oil and red palm oil) in Amanprana shaving oil ensures efficient care and protection of the skin and an ultra smooth shaving result at the same time. The oils hydrate, repair, fortify and nourish the skin, so you can do away with shaving cream, shaving soap and aftershave balm. Those products contain chemicals and are likely to be scented with chemical fragrances: substances that can cause redness, irritation or burning skin. Amanprana shaving oil is 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% active: your skin needs nothing more. With Amanprana the razor blade glides easily over the skin and it nourishes the skin at the same time.

When you use Amanprana Razoli shaving oil for men you'll no longer need aftershave Instruction for shaving a beard: a perfect shave for a safe and ultra smooth shaving result