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Instruction for shaving a beard: a perfect shave for a safe and ultra smooth shaving result.

Wet your face with pleasantly warm water to soften the hair and open the pores of your skin. After a shower your skin will be well prepared for a shave.

Put a little shaving oil in the palm of one hand, spread it over both palms and apply it to the skin.

Make sure to distribute the nourishing oil in even proportions on the face and massage it into the skin.

Hold the (Gillette) razor blade at a 90 degree angle from the skin and start shaving the beard in the direction of the hair growth, which is now clearly visible.

Rinse the razor regularly under hot running water, or in a bowl of hot water. You might want to pat the blade slightly on a clean cloth before you continue shaving.

To make the hair even shorter and improve the soft feel of the skin, finish by shaving the entire skin in the opposite direction, against the hair growth direction. Apply a little more of the nourishing shaving oil if necessary.

After shaving, you may rinse the skin with cold water to close the skin pores, but it is not really necessary: the shaving oil has a nourishing effect on the skin and also serves as an aftershave or aftershave balm (3-in-1).

The skin is now fantastically soft and doesn't need any additional care: Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil contains all the necessary ingredients for complete care.

This oil is also highly suitable for use in the shower.

Very long hair (of a beard, for instance) can best be cut with scissors or a trimmer before shaving. Once it is cut you can follow the instructions above for a perfect shave.

Shaving a beard, shaving a moustache, trimming a beard, shaving pubic hair, shaving armpits, shaving the head, shaving the bikini line, shaving private parts, shaving the vagina, shaving the body, Brazilian wax, Californian wax: everything is possible.

Amanprana 3-in-1 shaving oil provides a fast and ultra smooth shaving result, less irritated skin and excellent skin care. The shaving oil leaves a scent and softens the skin, just like an aftershave. For healthy and smooth skin.

Razoli shaving oil man
Razoli shaving oil man
  • A smooth shave
  • 100% natural and organic
  • 3-in-1: shave, nourish and aftershave
  • Efficient and easy
  • No irritations, rash or razor bumps
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Instruction for shaving a beard: a perfect shave for a safe and ultra smooth shaving result