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Razor blades yield better result than electric shavers

Less irritation with a razor blade and shaving oil than with an electric shaver

Electric shavers (Braun, Philips, Epilady etc...) often rotate on the same spot, which can lead to irritated skin. Electric shavers also have a tendency to produce heat. With a razor blade (Gillette or Wilkinson) and Amanprana shaving oil, there is less and less frequent friction on the skin. Razor blades cause fewer skin irritations and rashes, less redness, and less of a burning sensation.

Smoother result with Amanprana shaving oil and razor blade as opposed to an electric shaver

Using shaving oil and a razor blade for your shave produces a much smoother result than an electric shaver (Braun, Philips, Epilady). This makes total sense: in electric shavers the blades are covered with a thin layer of steel. The alleged 'hair-lifting' feature of electric shavers which supposedly produces a smooth result, is somewhat exaggerated. A razor blade (Gillette, Wilkinson and other brands) makes direct contact with the skin, shaving more deeply into the skin and cutting the hairs shorter. Shaving with a razor blade produces a soft and smooth result.

Shaving with a razor blade and shaving oil is faster than with an electric shaver

Soft and smooth from the shaving oil, the skin allows the razor blade (Gillette or Wilkinson) to easily glide over it. The shaving oil also allows for clear visibility of the hair, making the whole act of shaving more effective and faster, especially if a specific shape is desired. Contrary to an electric shaver (Braun, Philips, Epilady), removal of all the hair does not require passing over the same skin area several times. And the absence of noise when using razor blades (Gillette or Wilkinson) and shaving oil makes the shave much more pleasant. Another benefit is the lower CO2 emissions from razor blades as opposed to electric shavers.

Razoli shaving oil man
Razoli shaving oil man
  • A smooth shave
  • 100% natural and organic
  • 3-in-1: shave, nourish and aftershave
  • Efficient and easy
  • No irritations, rash or razor bumps
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Razor blades yield better result than electric shavers