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Shaving your legs? Smooth and soft legs thanks to Amanprana caring shaving oil. You’ll never wax your legs again. Perfectly shaved legs without redness or ingrown hairs

Smoothly shaved legs and nourishment. Razoli shaving oil for women promises it!

After you’ve shaved your legs your skin won’t only feel soft, it will also have received valuable care that stimulates circulation, sheds waste products and moisturises your skin. This gives your legs the care they need and will benefit them, with a healthy and smooth look.

Shaving your legs and protecting your legs. Seeing your legs while shaving, for a silky smooth shave

Razoli shaving oil for women gives your legs, which are often exposed to outside influences, natural protection and a good dose of vitamin E, which combats aging. It’s very easy to shave your legs, thanks to the composition of oils that ensure you can easily see where you are shaving and allow the razor to glide easily over your skin.

How to shave your legs. Stop dry skin. Don’t use shaving soap, shaving cream or shaving products containing alcohol.

For the best result, first shave in the direction the hair grows and then in the reverse direction. The oil is nourishing and caring, giving your legs a beautiful and soft feel. You’ll never have dry legs again thanks to the moisturising properties of the oils. No chemicals or alcohol that dry your skin or cause it to crack.

Shave your legs smooth with RazoliShaving your legs? With Razoli shaving oil for women you won’t need aftercare or aftershave

No aftercare required when you use Razoli  shaving oil for women, because everything you need for the best care is already present in Razoli. Also use Razoli between shaves to keep your legs soft and beautiful. A perfect and easy skincare product for beautifully smooth and healthy legs.

Never wax your legs again. Forget about waxing your legs. You’ll love shaving your legs. What are the benefits of shaving your legs?

Waxing your legs can cause a great deal of skin irritation. Wax contains substances that your legs hate. Waxing often blocks your pores, causing ingrown hairs. Waxing often causes redness, bumps and even slight burn wounds. Forget about waxing your legs. Always shave your legs using Amanprana shaving oil. Razoli shaving oil for women.

Razoli shaving oil woman
Razoli shaving oil woman
  • 100% natural and organic
  • The perfect choice for shaving your intimate areas
  • See where you’re shaving
  • No irritations, itchiness or razor bumps
  • Specially developed for the sensitive female skin
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Forget about waxing your legs. You'll love shaving your legs.