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Safer shaving of intimate and sensitive areas

Shaving pubic hair using Razoli shaving oil. Trimming the bikini line using a razor. From a Brazilian wax through to the natural look

Amanprana shaving oil provides excellent visibility of the hair while shaving. This makes shaving easier and safer, which is obviously reassuring when shaving intimate and sensitive areas. It also makes for more efficient and safer shaving and modelling of pubic hair and armpit hair: the nourishing Amanprana shaving oil allows the blade to easily glide over the skin. Shaving the public area, vagina and male genitals becomes a very light effort and nicks are a thing of the past.

The composition of high quality and natural ingredients reduces the risk of irritated skin or a burning sensation after shaving. Amanprana’s nourishing shaving oil provides for softening care after shaving and a smooth result (3-in-1).  Amanprana’s nourishing shaving oil is 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% active and it does not contain any chemicals that could irritate intimate body parts or bring them off balance. Manufactured with 100% love.

Tutorial: how to shave your pubic hair – a how-to guide and interesting facts about pubic hair
Razoli shaving oil
Razoli shaving oil
  • A smooth shave with no irritation, rash or redness
  • 3 in 1: shaving cream, moisturizer and aftershave
  • Immediately nourishes and calms the skin
  • The razor blade glides fast and smoothly over the skin without cuts
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Safer shaving of intimate and sensitive areas - smooth and soft legs with Amanprana