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Rudolf! Manual. Herbal balm for clogged nose, sleep apnea, snoring  and flue

Rudolf! works perfectly for clogged nose, sleep apnea, snoring, flue and cough

Rudolf! is a powerful herbal balm, based on various essential oils and carrier oils, like coconut oil and carnauba wax.

A fingertip of powerful herbal balm is enough for one treatment.
Rub it on your upper lip or right under your nose and you’ll immediately experience the  soothing effect.

Rudolf! Herbal balm: ideal for clogged nose, sleep apnea, snoring  and flueRudolf! Can also be used on other parts of the skin, for example on your  neck, chest or back.

If you want to use Rudolf! For a child under 3; please first consult your doctor or a professional health consultant.

Tip: Suffering from coughs? Don’t hesitate to use Rudolf! On the soles of your feet. Really true! The soles of your feet easily absorb any kind of oil. This makes  Rudolf! an extremely efficient balm. You can easily try this out: rub the soles of your feet with a garlic clove and you will taste the garlic in your mouth some 20 minutes later.  Whenever you apply Rudolf! to the soles of your feet, put on some socks immediately after; this will improve absorption and you will not leave a trail of balm behind.

  • Fast and effective
  • 100% organic herbal balm
  • Relieves a blocked nose
  • Pocket-sized for use when on the go
  • Contains 10 different active essential oils
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Rudolf, rub it on your upper lip or right under your nose A fingertip of herbal balm