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Optimal singing, karaoke, at home, during singing lessons and on stage

Singing and Rudolf!, ideal combination for ideal breathing when singing

What does it mean ‘having a beautiful voice?’ Classically trained vocal pedagogues dared to say that a pop singing does not only produce ‘ugly’ vocals, but that it is also very damaging to your voice. Reality caught up with this judgement; some pop singers have been singing their entire career without any problems. Having a ‘nice voice’, as we know now, is up to you.

Vocal pedagogues do not only train the more classical singers; the average popstar has certainly followed a couple of singing lessons somewhere. A vocal pedagogue or singing  teacher nowadays aims for both beautiful and healthy voices. Several pedagogues develop teaching methods that allow voices to sound well in so many ways. In singing training, you’ll learn how to control the different structural components of your voice.

Breathing and voice:

Singing can be a way of dealing with breathing problems. Especially when you love music, it is really worth it to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the voice. In this way, the internationally famous Danish vocal pedagogue Cathrine Sadolin started her own research on her own breathing and voice: in her youth, she was an asthma patient and didn’t even succeed in breathing properly. Today she is managing the Vocal Institute in Copenhagen and she claims that almost every possible sound can be produced in a healthy way. Following singing training and doing singing exercises can be the start of better breathing.

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