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Shangri-la Orac Serum: a natural face care product with essential oils from spices, seeds and plants. 100% organic

Shangri-la Orac Serum is so naturally pure with its plant-based ingredients that it can support and strengthen your beauty without burdening your body and skin. Amanprana believes in purity and vitality, so we're using our Shangri-la Orac eye contour and face serum to prove once again that there are natural alternatives which are better than the chemical-based skin products made by well-known brands. Shangri-la Orac Serum works in a much nicer way. Our skin is our biggest organ. Everything we put on our skin, affects our bodies. Shangri-la makes your skin radiant without weighing it down with chemicals.

Shangri-la Orac anti-ageing serum: natural face care with essential oils. 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% active ingredients and 100% edible

With a lot of love and painstaking care, the perfect ingredients were brought together to work as effectively as possible. Shangri-la face care serum contains no chemical additives and is made from 100% active ingredients, consisting of base oils and essential oils which are entirely organic and 100% natural.

The power of essential oils. Shangri-la contains 6% essential oils to make your eye contours, face, neck and neckline radiate with health.

Essential oils from plants and spices feed our skin and strengthen our blood. They have the ability to purify, detoxify and transport oxygen and waste products. Essential oils bind to heavy metals and toxic substances and carry them away. In our bodies, they also act as neurotransmitters, steroids, enzymes and information-bearing molecules. In other words, essential oils can help the body and the skin in an intelligent manner in prevention and preservation of beauty and balance. We call this intelligent homoeostasis, which allows the oils to restore alkalinity when the body becomes too acidic. Essential oils have the intelligence to kill harmful bacteria and preserve friendly bacteria. Unlike antibiotics, they strengthen the immune system and combat viruses and fungi. The selection of essential oils in Shangri-la face care contains an extremely high quantity of Orac units (antioxidants). This helps Shangri-la to give the skin a little something extra, protecting it from outside influences and softening the signs of ageing. So we can rightly call it a little slice of paradise, with valuable ingredients which we can use without worry and without burdening our bodies. Your face, neck and neckline will thank you.

What can you expect from face care? Why natural face care has more to offer than well-known, chemical-based beauty products

Shangri-la contains 0% chemicals and is therefore made from 100% natural ingredients of organic origin, unlike many other face serums or face care products for the eye contours, face, neck and neckline.

Many well-known face care brands contain large amounts of water and various chemicals which burden the skin. Our bodies then have to break down and eliminate these chemicals, which requires from our skin to burn energy that our bodies could better use somewhere else. Not to mention the physical and psychological damage which all of these unnecessary additives may cause over the long term. In addition, harmful substances are absorbed into or remain stuck to the skin so that the skin can no longer breathe. And the particles which do get absorbed damage our bodies, particularly our smallest cells, and disturb our bodies' equilibrium. Unaware of this, we continue to apply products from well-known brands, while their chemicals burden our bodies and age our skin. Chemical-based cosmetics disrupt the natural balance of our hormone systems and are hazardous to our health. Cosmetics produced by well-known brands contain significantly more harmful substances than healing substances. Choose Shangri-la Orac anti-ageing serum if you love your skin and your beauty.

  • Serum for every skin type
  • For your eye contour and face
  • 100% organic and natural
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Easy to spread
  • For radiant skin
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Shangri-la face care: natural and organic