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When to use facial, body, massage oil?

Lavandula, Rosas, Jasminum, Nerolina, Babaluna, Babynero

Refreshing and stimulating
Torso, Nerolina, Rosas, Vanilla

Harmonisation and emotional balance
Lavandula, Jasminum, Torso, Nerolina, Rosas, Vanilla, Babaluna, Babynero

A good night’s rest
Lavandula, Jasminum, Rosas, Babaluna, Babynero, Vanilla

A warm sense of security
Jasminum, Vanilla, Babynero, Babaluna

Jasminum, Rosas, Vanilla

For the softer fragrances
Lavandula, Rosas, Babynero, Babaluna or Jasminum

Body Care
  • Organic
  • Bodycare with aromatherapy
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No unnecessary processes and additives such as isolates or chemicals
  • Violet glass protects the valuable ingredients
  • Animal-friendly bodycare: ‘Leaping Bunny’ label for Amanprana
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Amanprana organic body care