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Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico mix: a seasoning mix with four types of seaweed and Khoisan fleur de sel

Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico Mix with fleur de sel and 4 seaweeds with iodine and minerals
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75g: € 23,95

Seaweed is the major component of Amanprana 4-Algae for fighting cramp, thyroid issues and fatigueOur Amanprana 4 Algae Botanico mix is an organic blend of four types of seaweed (nori, sea lettuce, kombu and dulse) and fleur de sel. Seaweeds are also called "sea vegetables" and their star is on the rise. A fantastic addition to your daily menu.

The flavour of Amanprana's 4 Algae Botanico mix

Our Amanprana 4 Algae Botanico mix has an extremely versatile flavour. The saltiness of the culinary seasoning mix goes perfectly with many different dishes. What about adding 4 Algae to your salads, eggs or pasta sauce, or sprinkling it on potato wedges, vegetables or rice?

4 Algae Botanico seasoning mix contains organic seaweed from Brittany

The four types of seaweed in Amanprana's 4 Algae Botanico seasoning mix come from a protected area (protected national marine reserves) in the Atlantic Ocean off Brittany in France. Brittany has 900 different kinds of seaweed. It's one of the regions with the highest seaweed diversity in the world. This is because a warm ocean current meets a cold one just off the Brittany coast.

The national marine reserves of Brittany are protected from industrial pollution from ships. Only certain algae may be harvested there.

Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico mix with seaweeds ingredients

70% 4-algae mix (nori, sea lettuce, kombu, dulse), 30% Khoisan fleur de sel.

Boost your iodine intake with Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico mix with seaweed

As a result of our diet, a lot of people have an iodine deficiency. In fact, the only natural source of iodine is sea products. So one of the biggest benefits of the 4-Algae Botanico mix is that it is rich in iodine.

Iodine is needed to create the thyroid hormones which, in turn, are essential for growth and metabolism. In addition, iodine ensures that the nervous system functions properly and supports the body's energy supply. If you have an underactive thyroid, you may tire and gain weight more easily.

The recommended daily amount (RDA) of iodine is at least 150 micrograms. With one teaspoon of Amanprana 4-Algae you get around 273 micrograms of iodine. The RDA for pregnant women is at least 175 micrograms.

The algae (seaweeds) are monitored more closely for heavy metals and toxic substances than free-harvested algae. Certified organic seaweed may be washed only with seawater. No additives, no tap water. It's a guarantee of quality and you can really taste the difference.

Amanprana 4-Algae herb mix with nori, dulse, sea lettuce and kombu Amanprana 4-Algae contains seaweeds Use Amanprana 4-Algae with seaweeds Amanprana Botanico mix