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Turmeric and sumac is the miracle couple in Amanprana Curcumax Botanico mix.

Amanprana Curcumax Botanico mix: packed with antioxidants and the perfect anti-inflammatory. Use when suffering from lumbago, cancer and diabetes.
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175g: € 23,95

Turmeric is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and relieves pain when suffering from lumbago or a hernia.Amanprana founder Chantal Voets started working with the herbs & spices she came to know during her travels in Asia. That's how the Amanprana Botanico mixes were born. Unique seasoning mixes which everyone should incorporate in their daily meals. Fantastic alternatives to salt and pepper, they can be added to any dish. One of the seasoning blends is the Amanprana Curcumax Botanico mix. It's a seasoning mix with turmeric, sumac and black pepper.

Many books have been written about turmeric. As well as flavour, it also adds colour to your food. It's turmeric that gives curry powder its distinctive yellow hue, and turns your dishes the same bright shade. In Ayurveda, turmeric is used on a daily basis; it's sometimes called "Indian gold". The combination of sumac and black pepper makes Amanprana's Curcumax Botanico mix a classic in the kitchen.

Add Curcumax to all your meals: for the flavour of sumac and turmeric

Add Curcumax as much and as often as possible. Use Curcumax Botanico mix in all your dishes, including hot dishes. Consider adding Curcumax to a pumpkin soup or smoothie, a salad, or a cup of herbal tea (see recipe below), an egg salad, an avocado, potato wedges or steamed vegetables … With Amanprana’s Curcumax Botanico mix, there are plenty of possibilities.

Surprisingly tasty herb & spice tea recipe: Curcumax tea (with turmeric and sumac berries)

Amanprana's Curcumax Botanico mix is perfect for making a nice cup of herbal tea. A delicious blend of flavours with turmeric, sumac and a pinch of black pepper makes for a unique cuppa at any time of the day.


- 1 mug of boiling water
- 1 tsp coconut oil
- ¼ tsp Amanprana Curcumax seasoning mix
- 1 tsp Gula Java Brut (coconut blossom sugar)
- A pinch of cinnamon


Finely grind the Curcumax (to help it dissolve better). Add all ingredients to your mug of hot water and stir well. Enjoy!

Amanprana Curcumax Botanico mix ingredients

45% turmeric, 45% sumac, 10% black pepper.

Amanprana’s Curcumax herbs will aid against cancer, diabetes and lumbago Parsley and herbs like thyme and oregano are great flavourings Amanprana’s Curcumax herbs are healthy herbs Tea made from Amanprana Curcumax with turmeric, sumac berry and other herbs