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Amanprana Flamuno Botanico mix: herbs for daily use, with an accessible and rich flavour.

Amanprana Flamuno Botanico mix is a natural anti-inflammatory for Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s, dementia, rheumatism, arthritis and others
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150g: € 23,95

During their travels in Asia, Amanprana founders Bart Maes and Chantal Voets visited many herb gardens. Including in Sri Lanka, where they learned about gotu kola, cloves, ginkgo biloba, and so many other Ayurvedic, Indian and Sri Lankan herbs and spices.

They came home with their heads filled with impressions and knowledge. Chantal Voets pieced together her own seasoning mixes. Seasoning mixes that would be at home on anyone's spice rack, could be used every day, and have a rich, accessible flavour. You can always tell someone is a good cook if they're using high-quality herbs and spices! Isn't the yummiest food the food with the most flavour?!

One of the seasoning mixes Chantal Voets developed is the Flamuno Botanico mix. This blend of organic herbs & spices contains turmeric, liquorice, ginger, rosemary, ginkgo biloba and camomile. It's enriched with sumac berries, four types of seaweed and Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel. A true condiment, with a hot, soothing flavour.

Using the Amanprana Flamuno Botanico mix

Use the Flamuno seasoning mix as often as you like; it's a real all-rounder. Sprinkle over cooked or raw vegetables, incorporate in your casseroles, add to your breakfast cereal or smoothie, use in your bath or steam bath or use to make a delicious herbal tea. There are plenty of possibilities!

Amanprana Flamuno Botanico mix ingredients

75% flamuno mix (17% turmeric*, 12% liquorice*, 11% ginger*, 8% rosemary*, 7% sumac*, 7% coriander*, 7% gotu kola (Asian floating pennywort)*, 7% schisandra (he shou wu)*, 7% black pepper*, 5% cloves*, 5% cinnamon*, 5% ginkgo biloba (Japanese temple tree)*, 2% chamomile*), 18% Khoisan fleur de sel, 7% seaweed melange* (nori*, sea lettuce*, kombu*, dulse*).

Amanprana Flamuno herbs Flamuno herbs Flamuno herbs, nothing but Amanprana herbs + fleur de sel