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Khoisan fleur de sel is one of the top five salts in the world and is also fair trade

At a pure and beautiful location known as Velddrif, far from any industrial activity in South Africa, a salt delicacy is harvested that is of unsurpassed quality and taste.

What makes Khoisan fleur de sel so unique? Khoisan fleur de sel travels through a 2,000 meter underground barrier into an underwater salt lake between the Atlantic Ocean and the salt pans. During this voyage it is naturally filtered through shell beds, quartz and limestone. This process creates a sea salt that is unique in the world, where the seawater is pumped out of the salt lake into a salt marsh made up of numerous salt pans. It moves through the various salt pans, with the salt becoming increasingly concentrated through evaporation, and ultimately crystallising.

Khoisan feur de sel filtered by nature, with iodine
Filtered by nature: Before reaching the Khoisan saltpans the ocean waters are naturally filtered by a 2000 m underground barrier of shells, quartz sand and limestone.

Some 95% of the harvested sea salt sinks to the bottom. But not the perfect sea salt, Khoisan sea salt. Under certain conditions salt turns into salt flakes.

No more than 5% of the salt harvest becomes fleur de sel - and it is only when the African summer sun is at its hottest and there is a light breeze that the salt on the surface of the water crystallises beautifully. Before this precious layer of salt can sink, the Khoisan fleur de sel is collected by hand, literally being creamed off the surface.

The taste of Khoisan fleur de sel

Khoisan fleur de sel has a harmonic and gentle flavour, and it adds finesse to your dishes and is excellent for the refined kitchen. The sensation created in your mouth is perfect.

Khoisan fleur de sel is not Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt

Khoisan fleur de sel is distinct from Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt thanks to its snow-white natural colour.

Khoisan fleur de sel and Celtic sea salt

Celtic sea salt is salt like sel gris and its grey colour is not natural, but comes from the clay beds into which it is pumped.

Khoisan fleur de sel and Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt comes from the second-largest salt mine in the world. Himalayan salt has been underground for thousands of years away from any solar energy. Khoisan fleur de sel receives solar energy in abundance.

Khoisan fleur de sel is fair trade salt and has the fair trade label

Khoisan fleur de sel comes from a small family business with a fulltime staff of around 13 people. During harvesting season the company takes on another 10 workers. The school fees for the fulltime staff's children are paid by a Fair Trade fund, and the same fund covers educational programmes on interaction with other staff, health and safety. All employees receive a fair salary that is well above the minimum wage in South Africa.

So when you use Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel you are contributing to the quality of life of the harvesters.

Khoisan fleur de sel ingredients

100% Khoisan fleur de sel

Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel is pure sea salt with a gentle flavour Pure sea salt: Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel is from South Africa and is better than Celtic or Himalayan salt Use Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel.