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Amanprana’s ORAC Botanico mix: a tasty seasoning mix in two varieties. With nine herbs & spices, sumac, seaweed and Khoisan fleur de sel

Amanprana ORAC Botanico-mix is packed with antioxidants and combats wrinkles. For youthful skin.Amanprana Botanico mixes: yummy seasoning packed with flavour. Amanprana’s ORAC Botanico mix is the perfect ally in the kitchen. The seasoning mixes contain herbs & spices with high ORAC values (antioxidant values) and are available in two varieties: mild and spicy (with chilli). ORAC seasoning mixes contain nine herbs & spices. The ORAC value is the quantity of antioxidants in a food. The ORAC mix of herbs & spices is enhanced with sumac berries and Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel. A delicious flavour which will suit all your recipes. It comes in mild and spicy versions (the spicy mix contains chilli), so you never have to be limited to boring old salt and pepper again.

How do I use Amanprana ORAC Botanico seasoning mixes?

Crush or grind the ORAC Botanico mix for a stronger flavour and fragrance. Sprinkle generously over your main dishes, or add to soups, sauces, vinaigrettes, smoothies, stir-fried vegetables, fruit salads and desserts. Did you know that you can also use Amanprana's ORAC Botanico mixes in your steam bath? Your body and looks will thank you. This seasoning mix is a real taste explosion! It goes well with everything and is a real treat for your taste buds. Go for it!

ORAC Botanico-mix with seaweeds and sumac ingredients

ORAC Botanico-mix

53% ORAC mix (20% sage, 13% oregano, 13% rosemary, 13% thyme, 9% Szechuan pepper, 8% turmeric, 6% sumac, 6% clove, 6% cinnamon, 6% vanilla), 27% Khoisan fleur de sel, 5% seaweed mix (nori, sea lettuce, kombu, dulse), 5% mustard seed, 3% sweet paprika, 3% coriander seed, 3% lavender, 0.5% calendula, 0.5% cornflower. 

ORAC Botanico-mix, spicy

68% ORAC mix (20% sage, 13% oregano, 13% rosemary, 13% thyme, 10% Szechuan pepper, 7% turmeric, 6% sumac, 6% clove, 6% cinnamon, 6% vanilla), 18% Khoisan fleur de sel, 7% seaweed mix (nori, sea lettuce, kombu, dulse), 4% hibiscus, 3% chilli

Age with radiance, thanks to the Amanprana ORAC herbs packed with antioxidants (view label) Herbs packed with antioxidants (view label) Amanprana ORAC Botanico mix spicy, full of antioxidants (view label) Amanprana Botanico mix