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The sumac berry: much-loved in the kitchen (hummus, za’atar, fattoush)

Sumac berry – healthy, full of antioxidants and very popular in hummus and other dishes

Sumac: a favourite in the dishes of Chef Yotam Ottolenghi, Greg and Lucy Malouf, Jamie Oliver, Claudia Roden and Chantal Voets and many others!

Recipe for a Funky Fattoush with sumac by Chantal Voets
The recipe for a Funky Fattoush with Sumac by Chantal Voets in her book, ‘Healthy Food, Happy People’

'There was a time when sumac lurked in the darkest recesses of the kitchen cupboard, but thanks to Yotam Ottolenghi the sour powder suddenly became a superstar.' (Marianne Meijerink in Elle Food 3, 2015).

Today Jamie Oliver has included sumac in his range of herbs, cookbook legends Greg and Lucy Malouf and Claudia Roden have written about it, both the little Turkish corner shop and the organic food shop sell it and you can even find it at stalls in hip food markets.

Chantal Voets, founder of Amanprana, incorporated sumac in numerous vegetarian recipes in her wonderful educational and cookery book, Healthy Food, Happy People. Amanprana uses sumac berries in all Amanprana seasoning mixes (with the exception of 4 Algae and Khoisan fleur de sel). A real gem.

Hummus, za'atar, tomato soup or dips for the barbecue: sumac adds a gentle sourness to your dishes

Sumac has a more refined flavour than lime or lemon. According to nutritional expert Harold McGee sumac adds a fresh and lightly sour taste and its flavour is a melange of citrus, wood and pine. Dried sumac berries are ground into a dark purple powder and it is very common in Middle Eastern cuisine in particular. It is a perfect substitute for lemons or limes.

The delicious slightly sour flavour is used in dishes you will be familiar with, such as fattoush, hummus and kebabs. Another example is za'atar, using the recipe of famed London chef Yotam Ottolenghi. Highly recommended as a barbecue side dish: finely sliced red onion rings, fleur de sel, sumac and parsley. Sumac is a true flavour enhancer, and it adds depth to tomato soup and tomato sauce in a much more refined manner than lemon or lime.

The dried sumac berry is an antioxidant champion: a high ORAC value

Of all the berries, the ORAC champion is sumac. The sumac in the ORAC Botanico mix comes from Turkey and is organic.

Berry or fruit ORAC per 100g
Sumac, dried, raw 312 000
Acai powder (fruit/peel) 102 000
Sumac (grain, raw) 86 800
Maqui berry, fresh 27 600
Raspberries 19 220
Acai berry, fresh 16 700
Elderberries 14 697
Cranberries 9 090
Prunes, dried 8 059
Blackberries 7 957
Prunes, black with peel 7 581
Apples, dried 6 681
Prunes, fresh 6 100
Blackberry 5 905
Raspberries, fresh 5 065
Blueberries 4 669
Pomegranates, raw 4 479
Strawberries 4 302
Dates 3 895
Goji berry 3 290
Figs 3 332
Mangosteen, fresh 2 510


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Botanico mixes
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Dried herbs with sumac adds the perfect touch to hummus and za’atar Sumac is a feature of many Amanprana herb mixes, and is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals Looking for herbs? Sumac, a component of the Amanprana herb mixes, is packed with antioxidants (view label) Sumac in Amanprana’s herb melanges. Goes great in za’atar or on hummus Amanprana’s herbs with sumac; the many antioxidants (view label) Sumac has a wonderful flavour, and dried herbs go great in dishes such as hummus or za’atar If you’re looking for antioxidant-rich herbs (view label), then try sumac