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Kim Clijsters: 'I fry my chips in coconut oil'

Kim Clijsters: 'I fry my chips in coconut oil'
Kim Clijsters is enthusiastic about good cooking. 02.01.2012 Nieuwsblad

Kim Clijsters: 'We already eat out every evening. So it's great to stay in your room with the whole team. Play a few games, play cards. And then go to bed at about 9.30 p.m. I always go to bed early. At home too. And then I get up at 6 a.m. That is why I don't really suffer from jet-lag here.' You had to play yesterday, of course, but it's not just about the match schedule is it? It is, to quote Justine Henin, a 'hygiène de vie' that you impose on yourself. Just like healthy eating. Since your injury last year, you seem to be even stricter about it.

'It takes a while to find out what works best for you. Over the years, though, I have learnt how important food is. A healthy eating pattern, however, is very individual. Which things use up energy and which things provide it is something you have to discover for yourself.'

How can you teach Jada to eat everything if her mummy doesn't? 'In my entire life, I may have bought tomatoes about five times. And then only to use in a sauce. Jada does eat the cherry tomatoes that grow in granddad's garden though.' Do you ever indulge in comfort-eating? Things that you want to eat even though they're not good for you. Chips perhaps? 'Not really. I like to fry them myself. In coconut oil.' Coconut oil? Never heard of it. 'Then you should go and visit a health-food store. You don't end up with chips that taste of coconut; it only changes the flash-point of the oil. At a certain temperature, damaging substances are released.'

Kim Clijsters lets this suggestion lie. But, if she wanted to market her ideas on good eating, you would be able to feel her passion and recognise the genuine vision behind her enthusiasm. So, what have we learnt today? We should fry our chips in coconut oil!

Also Miranda Kerr (Orlando Bloom) can't go a day without coconut oil. Read more here.

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Kim Clijsters is enthusiastic about good cooking.