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Amanprana "Red Palm" oil, organic & Fair Trade

Amanprana 'Red Palm' oil, organic & Fair Trade
label / nutritional value

325ml: € 9,00 - € 11,50 1600ml: € 36,95 - € 42,50

0% Trans fats
0% Deodorized

Red Palm oil is ideal for wokking, frying or deep-frying. On bread you can taste the red palm. When heated, your dishes will have a milder taste. Heat food no higher than 170 to 180°C. Red Palm is less suited for repeated deep-frying, but single use is just fine.


Bio* extra virgin red palm oil 100%. Unrefined, not deodorized, unbleached and not chemically modified. 100% natural. And nothing else... Packed in glass. Better for the environment, for the taste and for yourself. *certified organic by BLIK.

Amanprana enhances the nutritional value of any meal.

Amanprana sustainable Red Palm oil: organic, veggie, Fair Trade, super food, no junk

Save 1 tree in the rain forest with Red Palm oil of Amanprana Amanprana Red Palm oil: vitamin E, carotenes, natural antioxidants protecting skin body against ageing