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Sustainable Amanprana palm oil. Amanprana supports biodiversity together with ProAves.

Amanprana duurzaam palmolie project beschermt biodiversiteit in Colombia oa Geeloor parkiet van Colombia

1 litre of Amanprana 's red palm oil protects Colombia's biodiversity
For every litre of red palm oil sold, Amanprana  buys one tree and thus protects the biodiversity in Colombia. By supporting the World Land Trust, Amanprana  helps the Colombian environmental organization "ProAves", which roughly translates to "pro birds".

ProAves studies and protects biodiversity in Colombia.
Since 1 December 2010 Amanprana supports ProAves with every litre of palm oil it buys.

More specifically, ProAves protects the habitat of birds and amphibians that are threatened with extinction. ProAves aims at keeping Colombia's natural wealth and biodiversity intact. The organization was founded in 1998 and was originally established to protect the yellow-eared parrot, which was endangered at the time. ProAves is a volunteer-based organization (eco-volunteers) that cooperates with locals and obtains support from a number of organizations dedicated to protecting biodiversity. ProAves is an ecological organization, protecting a total of 17 nature projects, which cover an area of 170km². By doing so, ProAves succeeds at studying and protecting 68% of Colombia's endangered birds. Since the protection of Colombia's biodiversity is ProAves' main objective, the environmental organization strongly opposes irresponsible logging and deforestation. Forests need to be protected in order to sustain the biodiversity of birds, amphibians and wild animals.

Colombia is characterized by the biggest biodiversity in amphibians such as frogs, toads and salamanders. Amanprana  helps ProAves to protect this biodiversity through donations.
The extinction of amphibians such as a number of toads, frogs and salamanders is an important biological indicator to the ecosystem in terms of measuring the consequences of climate change, deforestation and human presence. Colombia is regarded as the country with the highest diversity of amphibians. Unfortunately, several types of amphibians are under threat of extinction. These concerns prompted ProAves to secure the protection of the biodiversity of these amphibians in its articles of association.
For your information, the word 'amphibian' is derived from the Greek word Amphi-bios, which means double life! Amphibians can live both in the water and on land. They breathe through their lungs as well as through their skin. Because of the destruction of their habitat and pollution in general, the number of amphibians and their spread are declining worldwide.

Amanprana beschermt dieren oa Iguana van Colombia samen met ProAves

Colombia's yellow-eared parrot slowly recovers thanks to ProAves
Amanprana 's red palm oil supports ProAves.
In May 2010 the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature ) labelled the yellow-eared parrot as merely 'endangered'. In 1998 ProAves found only a group of 81 yellow-eared parrots in the Andes mountain range. According to the IUCN the yellow-eared parrot was 'highly-endangered'. Thanks to ProAves' 11-year-long efforts a positive change has come about. At the moment the count of yellow-eared parrots in Colombia exceeds 1,000.

Red palm oil
Red palm oil
  • Purely natural; non-deodorised, unrefined, non-hydrogenated and unbleached
  • Organic
  • Packaged in glass
  • RSPO member and sustainable: save 1 rainforest tree for every litre you buy
  • An original flavour. Perfect for African, Asian and Latin American cuisine
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Amanprana Geeloor parkiet van Colombia samen met ProAves Amanprana_beschermt_dieren_Tamandua_Mexicana_uit_Colombia_samen_met_ProAves