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Amanprana 's sustainable palm oil project in Colombia

Every single litre of Amanprana's red palm oil is sustainable because it:

Protects biodiversity in Colombia (birds, amphibians, animals and plants)
Protects the trees in the Colombian rainforest.
Brings money to local smallholder alliances of organic palm fruit growers.
Contributes to organic production, education, health care and sustainability.
Brings happiness to you, the fruit growers and Amanprana

Amanprana duurzame palmolie projecten in Colombia

1. Amanprana supports biodiversity together with ProAves

2. Amanprana helps protect the rainforest in Colombia

3. Amanprana 's sustainable palm oil from Colombia through cooperation with smallholder alliances

Red palm oil
Red palm oil
  • Purely natural; non-deodorised, unrefined, non-hydrogenated and unbleached
  • Organic
  • Packaged in glass
  • RSPO member and sustainable: save 1 rainforest tree for every litre you buy
  • An original flavour. Perfect for African, Asian and Latin American cuisine
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Duurzame palmolie Amanprana beschermt 1 boom in het Colombiaanse regenwoud