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Amanprana coconut blossom sugar is Fair Trade certified by the Control Union

Amanprana coconut blossom sugar receives Control Union Fair Choice certification

Our Amanprana coconut blossom sugar is Fair Trade certified. A Fair Trade certification is awarded by the Control Union, which has named Amanprana coconut blossom sugar as being Fair Choice. Amanprana coconut blossom sugar is one of the first of its kind to be Fair Trade certified, a fact that we are very proud of. The coconut blossom sugar is also the very first coconut blossom sugar that has been Fair Trade certified by the Control Union.

What is the Control Union?

The Control Union performs independent studies at a global level. The organisation is constantly at work bolstering and improving its network, with quality, integrity, safety and respect always the top priority.
The Control Union caters to the demand for international development for which quality standards for products need to be created. Guaranteeing human capital and safety are crucial elements of this.

Certificate Fair Trade

What does the Social and Fair Trade standard of the Control Union entail?

The idea behind Social and Fair Trade Standards-level certification is to create a standard for global human rights. What is at stake is enforcing standards and national legislation that protects workers and guarantees social and fair trade practices. This pertains to all employees as well as to other parties with whom companies do business, such as suppliers and contracted services.
A Control Union Fair Choice certification is obtained using an evidence-based process, and its requirements apply to all agricultural products (both raw and processed). The way in which they are manufactured is examined, and the certification does not apply to the quality of the products.
The following are considered:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Social circumstances
  • Sustainability/the environment

The Control Union award is awarded to organisations, dealers or companies.

  • Fair prices are employed when it comes to sales. There must be a minimum price that is always higher than the manufacturing costs.
  • There is a Fair Trade Premium: a minimum percentage is surrendered annually or at set intervals, with this money granted to the Control Union for investing in local development projects and improving the quality of life of the people involved.
  • The Control Union takes responsibility for regulating the investments and their transparency.
  • The effectiveness of the projects is scrutinised.

Amanprana’s coconut blossom sugar is Fair Trade

Amanprana is very pleased with the Control Union certification. We cherish both people and the environment. Aside from being Fair Trade, Amanprana coconut blossom sugar is also Fair World.

Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
  • Unrefined and durable
  • Most sustainable sugar according to the 'World Health Organization'
  • With a delicious caramel flavor
  • Coming from the sweet nectar of the coconut blossom
  • Low glycemic index (35)
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Palm trees. Amanprana  coconut blossom sugar comes from palms A tapper extracting coconut blossom sugar from trees for Amanprana