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Delicious coffee from your coffeemaker? Whether at home or work, enjoy your coffee with coconut blossom sugar

Delicious and healthy coffee, thanks to Gula Java coconut blossom sugar sticks

A delicious cup of coffee – that’s what you expect from every coffeemaker or espresso machine. Making coffee is generally the launch for creating a warm atmosphere, and while coffee is a stimulant, it can also - mysteriously enough - relax some people beautifully.

Seeking out the best coffee beans often involves a lifelong quest for the perfectionist coffee aficionado. But it’s a lot easier when it comes to finding the best sugar – Amanprana has sold the delicious and fair trade Gula Java coconut blossom sugar for a number of years, and it is now also available in sugar sticks. That’s how we serve the perfect cup of coffee, completed with a Gula Java coconut blossom sugar stick.

Is coffee good for you? It depends on what you add to it – choose delicious coconut blossom sugar

Is coffee good for your? The lovers will wholeheartedly answer ‘yes’ while the detractors will tell you ‘no’. Science agrees with both sides, so it might be an impossible task to find out objectively whether coffee is good for you. But you can make your coffee better when you watch what you add and when you opt for organic coffee.

Add Amanprana Gula Java sugar sticks to your coffee instead of sugar cubes

Do you love sugar in your coffee and love to add a sugar cube to the delicious liquid emanating from a bubbling coffeemaker? But let’s take a closer look at that sugar cube... Is it white sugar? Cane sugar? Is it organic? Unfortunately this is a refined sugar, which means that the nutrients have been removed and you are boosting your coffee with empty calories.

In order to digest those empty calories, your body must use minerals and vitamins that would otherwise have been used for essential functions. But if you add a Gula Java coconut blossom sugar stick to your coffee, you’ll be boosting your vitamin and mineral reserves.

Use that expensive espresso machine or the best coffee beans for that perfect cup, and if you like sugar in your coffee then don’t settle for low quality – always choose Gula Java coconut blossom sugar sticks. A dose of 4 grams of organic coconut blossom sugar, hygienically packed, immediately available, with all the grains going straight into your cup and nothing wasted.

Your coffeemaker and Gula Java coconut blossom sugar sticks: a heavenly cup of coffee

Attractive coffee machines have been all the rage of late, and we’re happy to spend a small fortune on them. And because our coffeemakers look so appealing, we only want to use the very best coffee beans for making a delicious cup of coffee.

So when you turn your coffeemaker on, extend your quest for the very best. The box that contains our Gula Java sugar sticks will certainly look good next to your beautiful coffeemaker. It also tells you exactly what makes our sugar stick so special – the sugar is not only delicious, but whoever uses Gula Java coconut blossom sugar is also supporting 850 families in Java, Indonesia.

Use Gula Java sugar sticks in your coffee

If you’re making coffee at home for friends or if it is made for you, or if you have a coffeemaker at work, a story like that will stand beautifully beside your state-of-the-art coffeemaker. And that hint of caramel thanks to the coconut blossom sugar in your coffee can only make your cup that much more delicious!

Gula Java sugar sticks
Gula Java sugar sticks
  • Perfect when on the go
  • Unrefined coconut blossom sugar packed with antioxidants (Orac 2,200/100 g)
  • Great in cakes and for the finishing touch to a dessert
  • A substitute for sugar any syrup
  • Enjoy the gentle caramel flavour
  • Low GI (35)
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Sugar sticks with Amanprana's coconut blossom sugar for the coffee Amanprana Sugar sticks cup of coffee from the coffee machine