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Sustainable packaging Gula Java sugar sticks: distributing coconut blossom sugar in sticks

Coconut blossom sugar sticks housed in sustainable packaging

Amanprana devoted a great deal of focus to the packaging of our Gula Java sugar sticks. When the idea first arose of further publicising the story of our Gula Java coconut blossom sugar and the positive results for the Javanese farmers, Amanprana wanted to come up with a way to introduce the sugar in places where it is not yet available.

And so the sugar stick idea was born. Sticks are small-portion packages that, thanks to their small size, can be used in many places other than the kitchen and that are also easily portable.

Sustainable packaging for Gula Java organic coconut blossom sugar in sugar sticks

Amanprana’s mission is to constantly introduce products that, aside from being good for you and certified organic, are also sustainable. Sugar stick packaging is made of paper, so Amanprana thought: no problem.

But when packaged in the 100 % kraft paper that Amanprana wanted the coconut blossom sugar would quickly harden as the surrounding moisture could also easily penetrate it. Moreover, the packager was unable to seal the sticks, even with thicker paper.

PLA (polylactic acid) was the next option. It is neat and easily biodegradable, but in order to seal the sticks they had to be subjected to 163° Celsius of heat. And PLA burns at a mere 60° Celsius. So it was on to option number three.  

Amanprana uses 70% less plastic in its sustainable packaging

Amanprana aims to improve its packaging over time. The present packaging is the only sustainable option for putting sugar in sticks – kraft paper with a touch of PET. The technology that Amanprana is using allows for us to reduce the amount of PET in the composition by 70% when compared to the traditional approach. That is already a major advancement, and is temporarily acceptable within Amanprana standards.

The PET creates a barrier against surrounding moisture, which would otherwise harden the sugar too quickly. The present packaging means that the sugar has a shelf-life of 24 months. But please note that the packaging must be disposed of in the general waste, and not together with recyclable paper. When discarded as general waste they are 100% recyclable, and the box containing the sticks can be discarded with the paper waste


Gula Java sugar sticks
Gula Java sugar sticks
  • Perfect when on the go
  • Unrefined coconut blossom sugar packed with antioxidants (Orac 2,200/100 g)
  • Great in cakes and for the finishing touch to a dessert
  • A substitute for sugar any syrup
  • Enjoy the gentle caramel flavour
  • Low GI (35)
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Gula Java sugar sticks wrapped in durable packaging material