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Amanprana Gula Java Cacao: a delicious sports drink with coconut blossom sugar. The perfect chocolate milk

Gula Java Cacao Gula Java Cacao performance drink
Bovis 9.500, Yin 30, GI 30, ORAC 19.152/100g
390g: € 16,50 - € 17,61 1300g: € 48,95
Gula Java Cacao + Vit. D Gula Java Cacao + Vitamin D
Bovis 9.500, Yin 30, GI 30, ORAC 19.152/100g
390g: € 18,95 1300g: N/A

Amanprana Gula Java Cocoa, the delicious performance drink. U.S. top swimmer Michael Phelps drank chocolate milk, not a sports drink.

Michael Phelps, the American swimming champion, did not take steroids or supplements while winning 8 medals at the 2004 Olympic Games; he drank chocolate milk.

Gula Java Cacao, the chocolate drink from Amanprana with sport performance

The composition of several substances in Gula Java Cocoa (low-fat chocolate milk) is apparently optimal. Gula Java Cocoa supplies both high levels of carbohydrates and low but sufficient levels of protein.

Endurance sports? Opt chocolate milk: Amanprana energy drink

The ingredients in Gula Java Cacao energy drink make it the perfect sports drink

Gula Java Cocoa (organic coconut sugar) contains low-fat cocoa as well as high-mineral (electrolytes) coconut blossom sugar including a cinnamon and vanilla booster; it is rich in carbohydrates and contains sufficient proteins that are easily absorbed. The energy drink has a low GI of only 30 to ensure a well-balanced release of energy. Gula Java Cacao has a high antioxidant value (ORAC of 19152/100 g) to protect athletes from oxidation stress during and after exercise.

Gula Java Cacao + Vit D, with added vitamin D from the Amanprana Agaricus mushroom

As well as the Gula Java Cacao version containing coconut blossom sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla and cinnamon, there's also a version with added vitamin D: Gula Java Cacao + Vit D. The vitamin D is in the form of vitamin D2 from the Amanprana Agaricus mushroom.

Vitamin D is vitally important, but sadly around 70% of Europeans are living with a vitamin D deficiency. This is because we often don't spend enough time in the sunshine - and of course, sunlight is required for our skin to make vitamin D. You can correct a deficiency by eating the right foods or taking a supplement. 

Gula Java Cocoa coconut blossom sugar (organic coconut sugar), the delicious performance drink Use the Gula Java sugar sticks in your chocolate milk