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1,260 km "Tour for Life 2010" for Doctors Without Borders with the new sports drink Gula Java Cacao from Amanprana

Fifty cycling teams rode 1,260 km over eight days for Doctors Without Borders. From Italy to the Netherlands. Across the Alps, Vosges and Ardennes, along traditional routes and covering about 160 km per day. A total of 18,500 altimeters. Team Amsterdam, comprising 7 competitive cyclists and 2 pursuit cars, took part in this tour for charity. They exchanged their usual sports drink for the new, organic performance drink Gula Java Cacao from Amanprana. More info about Tour For Life 2010 and 2011: www.bikewriters.nl and www.tourforlife.nl.

1260km tellende Tour for Life 2010 met 18500 hoogtemeters voor Artsen zonder Grenzen werd door Team A uitgereden op de sportdrank Gula Java Cacao

The low-fat chocolate drink Gula Java Cacao: top performances and experiences during 1,260 km of cycling and 18,500 altimeters for "Tour For Life 2010"

1. "In the beginning, I poked fun at Gula Java Cacao 'the sports drink for champions' because it struck me as a bit strange to put chocolate milk in my water bottle. Gradually though, I discovered that it is much better not to drink the sour/sweet rubbish but, instead, to drink the heavier, silky-smooth performance drink Gula Java when putting in a lengthy, substantial effort. It is much more pleasant and feels better".

Tom Verhagen, competitive cyclist

2. "During the Tour For Life, I found Gula Java Cacao sports drink to be very beneficial. It is tasty, nicer to drink than the regular energy drinks and gives you tons of energy. I will certainly be using this performance drink during training from now on".

Cas Westhof, competitive cyclist

3. "Gula Java Cacao energy drink was a decisive factor for me when cycling in the Tour For Life. I drank the well-known brands for many years. Sometimes I consumed litres of the stuff in one day. Apart from the fact that it is horribly sweet, I also noticed that it didn't give me what Gula Java Cacao gives me during a multiple-day trip. Yes, it gives both instant energy and long-term energy too. I feel much more balanced with Gula Java Cacao performance drink."

Frank Bijen, competitive cyclist

4. "Gula Java Cacao is a full flavoured but refreshing sports drink that I really enjoy. It is also a nice change from the sweet isostar rubbish and boring old water. The new energy drink can be easily combined with protein shakes, for example, (in my case, a banana-flavoured protein shake is a real treat in my water bottle). Gula Java Cacao helped me over the mountains".

Wouter de Longh, competitive cyclist

5. "The Tour For Life was a trip of 1,250 km from Italy to the Netherlands, across mountains and through valleys, which involved not just the physical landscape but also physical and mental aspects of the body. Gula Java Cacao energy drink really contributed towards taking cycling performances to a higher level as a result, both body and mind became stronger. It does not taste too sweet but has a delicious, mild flavour; all in all it is a pure, natural performance drink that is ideal for this type of endurance sport".

Anton Nijssen, competitive cyclist

6. "I can tell you that Gula Java Cacao turned out to be a legendary sports drink for everyone. Absolutely fantastic.

Raymond Landgraaf, team leader competitive cyclists, team Amsterdam".

7. "Gula Java Cacao. Chocolate milk but with an Indonesian twist. But according to the cyclist, this was the basis of swimming hero Michael Phelps winning his eight gold medals at the Peking Olympic Games. And the fact that it is totally natural? This is exactly where its power lies, they said. No colourants or artificial preservatives – just one hundred percent organic power. The result was astonishing according to the Team A members. Independently of one another, they all said that they cycled unbelievably fast as a result of the Indonesian chocolate milk drink. So, would I like a sip of Gula Java chocolate milk? I looked at the cyclist from Team A as if he was mad. Of course I would like to try Gula Java Cacao chocolate milk! In fact, I wanted a whole water-bottle full. And a few bottles for at home. If Michael Phelps could win eight gold medals, they ought to help me too. What they would help me with, however, was not entirely clear. But it tasted much better."

Thijs Zonneveld competitive cyclist, editor, writer (De Pers, De Muur, Nu.nl)

The life-saving work of Doctors Without Borders Gula Java chocolate milk pulled its weight; Team Amsterdam completed the tour

The money made by the Tour For Life goes towards Doctors Without Borders. Over EUR 1.1 million was raised by a total of 50 teams.

The people who work for this aid organisation have a life-saving task that requires funding. Doctors Without Borders provides medical assistance to victims of war, disasters and epidemics. Its doctors, nurses and other specialists go to the affected countries where, together with local staff, they work in hospitals, clinics and mobile aid posts. They carry out emergency operations, provide help with malnourishment and treat people with severe illnesses such as tuberculosis and malaria. They also help pregnant women with childbirth and help women who have been victims of sexual violence.

Gula Java cacao is a new, 100% organic performance drink. A delicious, low-fat chocolate milk and sports drink that is gives you wings.

Isotonic sports drinks, power drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks in general are being increasingly regarded as nutritional supplements. This is, in fact, unfair as most of these sports drinks are just refined sugar 'bombs' with a few supplementary chemicals. The low-fat chocolate drink Gula Java Cacao, however, is an exception. The secret lies in the unrefined palm sugar or coconut sugar. The gula java, an unrefined coconut flower sugar with low glycaemic index, masses of energy, a little protein, sufficient electrolytes (minerals) and a good helping of antioxidants (ORAC value 19 251 per 100g), takes this new sports drink/performance drink to a higher level. This applies to performance and health too. Sports food and low-fat chocolate milk sound like two opposites but 3 university studies and Michael Phelps, who won eight gold medals during the Olympic Games, seem to be suggesting otherwise. From now on, the terms sport and nutrition will also mean Gula Java Cacao, the low-fat chocolate drink with unrefined palm sugar that is conquering Europe. It is suitable for inclusion in a 100% natural, targeted sports diet.

The ORAC value indicates the quantity of antioxidants present in food. In general, it is assumed that people need an ORAC value of between 3,000 and 5,000 per day. Sportsmen and woman, active children and adults and people dealing with high levels of stress are advised to adhere to higher ORAC values.

Gula Java Cacao has an ORAC value of 19,152 / 100g.

Gula Java Cacao +Vit D
Gula Java Cacao +Vit D
  • Delicious chocolate drink
  • Fair trade + fair world
  • The latest generation sports drink
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