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The largest saffron bulbs for 40 years! (Article in the Spanish newspaper MONREAL DEL CAMPO) 5/6/2013

The largest saffron bulbs for 40 years! - Photograph: AZAFRANES JILOCA

Article in the newspaper MONREAL DEL CAMPO (TERUEL), 5. June 2013 (EUROPA PRESS) - about Azafranes Jiloca, the supplier of Amanprana’s saffron for the Gula Java Safran


Azafranes Jiloca, a company based in Montreal del Campo in the Spanish province of Turuel, has grown the largest saffron bulbs - from the Crocus Sativus variety - seen in the Jiloca region for 40 years.

These bulbs have an average weight of 51 grams, with the largest weighing in at 56.94 grams and having a diameter of 6 centimetres. The company says that the average weight of bulbs considered as large and that is suitable for growing has been approximately 22 g to 24 g over the past 40 years.

The grower, José María Plumed, explained to Europa Press that this product is the result of research with different types of fertilisation, changes to irrigation and illumination. This study has been ongoing for many years and "it has finally delivered us these results," Mr Plumed explained.

The 'big' bulbs will be in production for a four year growing life: "In the first year, a bulb will normally produce one flower, or none, but a 'big' bulb gives four or five flowers", he said, adding that the results double after four years. Mr Plumed says that he will therefore be using this harvest for planting and "if there is any surplus, I will sell it to other growers in the region, as we do with the other saffron bulbs."

The research has not only led to larger saffron bulbs. It has also resulted in being able to reduce the weeds in the field and increase the content of the crocine that gives the saffron its colour to 293 points as audited by Soivre (Servicio Oficial de Inspección, Vigilancia y Regulación de las Exportaciones) in 2012.

Azafranes Jiloca is a family-owned company that is concerned with "this activity for all of one's life," Plumed says. He reminds us that the company produces saffron ecologically. Although the product has always been ecological, it has now been certified as ecological.

Spanish article: Los bulbos de azafrán más grandes de los últimos 40 años

The Official Inspection, Oversight and Regulation of Export Products Department

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