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Amanprana Rooibos Kotobuki Tea

Amanprana Rooibos Kotobuki Tea
Ingredients: 100% Kotobuki Rooibos* tea from South Africa. label / nutritional value

40g: € 39,95 - € 45,95

Rooibos lets you enjoy its mild flavour.
The imperial Kotobuki teas are drunk using whole leaves for more ORAC

Kotobuki means 'long life' in Japanese

For this imperial tea, Amanprana deliberately chooses the finest rooibos with excellent taste and exceptional nutritional value. 'Let nutrition be your medicine and your medicine your nutrition'. This claim by Hippocrates is of paramount importance to Amanprana. Rooibos or Aspalathus linearis is a shrub with needle-like leaves. Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos originates from 200 African Clanwilliam farmers from the Cederberg area, 200 km from Cape Town. Amanprana Rooibos is expertly selected for flavour, length, colour, taste and health value. The leaves are ground slowly and ultra-fine using a granite mill.

Soft taste full of nutrients

Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos contains some phenols (flavonoids) with specific properties such as aspalathin, nothofagin, orientin, iso-orientin, vitexin and iso-vitexin which we do not encounter in black or green tea. They are strong antioxidants unique in Kotobuki Rooibos. Compared to green or black tea rooibos contains little tannin (less bitter), almost no caffeine (not simulating) and no oxalic acid (facilitating the absorption of calcium).

The properties of rooibos 

Rooibos is caffeine-free. Less bitter and naturally sweeter to taste.

No teabag, you drink the whole leaf

With modern tea 85% of the nutrients are left behind in the teabag. The traditional Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos tea will have us drink as it were the whole, ground leaf. This makes the imperial Kotobuki tea many times powerfull than other tea. You drink the lot (holistic consumption). The level of antioxidants, expressed in ORAC (view label), is exceptionally high. Daily we need 3000-5000 units.

Amanprana idea Mix 1 to 3g Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos in hot water, milk, juice or cereal drink. Stir well and enjoy. Because rooibos hardly contains any caffeine and ideal to drink in the evening. Use Kotobuki Rooibos also in dishes or to spice up your meals.

Gebruik 1 tot 3 gram Rooibos Kotobuki Thee per kopKotobuki Rooibos: Yin-40 • Bovis 13500 • GI 0

Amanprana Rooibos imperial Kotobuki super food 0 per cent junk, 100 per cent vegetable

Noble-house/Amanprana organic food serene vitality Amanprana imperial Kotobuki has deliberately chosen the best possible relation between quality taste nutritional value