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Amanprana’s Hermanos Catalan extra virgin olive oil wins the 2015 Gourmet Prize for quality and flavour. One of the greatest olive oils – certified!

Hermanos Catalan extra virgin olive oil receives AVPA 2015 Gourmet Prize certificateAVPA 2015 Gourmet Prize certificate for Hermanos Catalan (Graccuris) extra virgin olive oil

Hermanos Catalan from Amanprana won the  '2015 gourmet prize’ at AVPA Paris, which received entries for 148 olive oils from 12 countries. The award was announced at the World Edible Oils International Contest- AVPA Paris 2015

What is AVPA? Olive oil flavour and quality comes first

AVPA (Agency for the Valorisation of Agricultural Products) was launched in 2003 as a non-profit and nongovernmental organisation, and mainly comprises producers and connoisseurs. Their aim is to validate and valorise high quality agricultural products, essentially focussing on their taste.

Olive oil is selected by the strict AVPA jury, with the best olive oil receiving a certificate.

The AVPA competition is reserved for producers and members of the association of vegetable oils. Every year the jury selects a number of registered oils and then chooses the best of the best of them. These oils receive a ‘Gourmet product’ certificate, while a range of medals are also awarded.

Hermanos Catalan awarded the ‘2015 Gourmet Prize’

Hermanos Catalan was selected and won a ‘2015 Gourmet Prize’ in the ‘strong, ripe and fruity’ category. This just confirms the delicious and intense flavour of our olive oil. Amanprana’s Hermanos Catalan received the ‘2015 Gourmet Prize’ at AVPA Paris in April 2015, a competition that saw 148 olive oils from 12 countries entered.

The benefits of a certificate for Hermanos Catalan extra virgin olive oil? The quality of our olive oil comes first

What are the benefits? The producer can inform the consumer of this information. After all, it can be difficult for a consumer to make a choice from the wide range of olive oils on offer. A certificate makes it clear that our olive oil is of quality, so that it stands out from the rest.

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Hermanos Catalan
Hermanos Catalan
  • Cold pressed, unrefined and unfiltered
  • Delicious extra virgin olive oil for uncooked meals
  • Organic olive oil
  • The olive trees have twice as much space as normal (36 m² per tree)
  • Winner of multiple gold medals for ‘best olive oil’
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Amanprana Extra virgin olive oil, Hermanos Catalan. Vegetable oil at its best