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Organic Wheat germs raw
Raw: 100% natural, 100% active enzymes or ennobled: thermally unbittered, but not roasted. +30 YANG BOVIS 11 350, Glycemic Index 40
400g: € 12,50
Alpin blond light Wheat germ
"Alpin blond light" are raw wheat germs from the Swiss Alps. Its oil is obtained through soft cold extraction. Results? Compared with other wheat germs, they contain 30% less kcal (light), their colour is blonder and their taste sweeter and softer. More minerals per kcal and super tasty. +30 YANG BOVIS 10 900, Glycemic Index 50
400g: € 12,95

Enrich your meals by choosing Amanprana organic wheat germs

Wheat germs are the very essence of life in a wheat kernel. Germs are the place from which a new plant springs forth, the place where vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega 3/6/9, fibres and many healthy substances, antioxidants like lecithin and 800mg of alphaliponic acid per 100g are stored. Scatter in drinks, muesli, soup, yoghurt, sauces, pasta, rice, potatoes and on vegetables, salads and bread (do not heat up with food, add afterwards) or eat separately, 1 to 6 soupspoons and more per day.

They are delicious sweeteners indeed. This folding bag protects the wheat germs against oxygen and light. Certified as an organic product by Blik. 0% genetically engineered and 0% irradiated. Available in 3 versions. Raw: 100% natural, 100% active enzymes. Ennobled: thermally unbittered, but not roasted. Alpin blond light: super tasty.

Comparison Orac-values in healthy products

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Contains wheat. Rich in gluten. Less suitable for
under-two-year-olds and unsuitable for persons allergic to gluten.

Enrich your meals with Amanprana bio wheat germs raw ennobled Smoothie with Amanprana organic wheat germs Creole salad with Amanprana organic wheat germs raw ennobled