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How to use a Qi-board

Qi-board as a cheese platter

Qi-board as cheese platter

Qi-board as a breakfast tray

Qi-board as a breakfast tray

Qi-board as a cutting board

Qi-board as cutting board

Qi-board as a breadboard

Qi-board as a breadboard

Qi-board for serving food

Qi-board to serve vegetarian avocado wrap

Qi-board as a trivet

Amanprana Qi-board as a trivet, recipe onion confit Seitan with baked potatoes and red cabbage

Qi-board cutting board
Qi-board cutting board
  • Hygienic and antimicrobial cutting boards
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-made
  • Cut from a single piece of wood
  • Warm and natural
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Each Qi-board is unique having an individual shape and structure No more dull knives Qi-Board from camphor wood is the ideal chopping board for high quality knives Qi-board is both attractive and a source of positive energy both for yourself and the food on the board Qi-board Protekti, antiseptic oil from Amanprana