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Bovis value of the Amanprana Qi-board: 17,000

The energy value is often expressed in 'Bovis'. Bovis values in excess of 6,500 provide energy, Bovis levels below this threshold drain energy. Things with high Bovis values strengthen people, products and places. Dr. Robert H. Steelooper has tested the Qi-board's Bovis value in comparison with a plastic and a glass chopping board. His conclusions leave no room for doubt.

Positive influence of the Amanprana Qi-board on food bovis value 17000

The plastic board drains energy, both from the food and from the user, disconnecting the energy flow between the user, the food and the person the food is intended for. The negative ions of the plastic are transmitted. This affects your health and energy (apart from the fact that plastic residues come into your food). Glass boards do not provide any energy connectivity: they are neutral, and, as such they neither reinforce nor drain energy. Amanprana Qi-boards made of true Camphor reinforce energy and strengthen the bond with the food.

Positive influence of the Amanprana Qi-board on food

Dr. Robert Steelooper placed an organic Apple on the three aforementioned boards, which yielded the results below (in May 2006).

• Original Bovis value of the apple: 8 900
• Cut on the Qi-board: 10 500
• Cut on the glass board: 8 900
• Cut on the plastic board: 7 000

Qi-board is part of the slow-food philosophy

Your Amanprana true Camphor Qi-board ensures resonance and connectedness with your food. The board is both attractive and a source of positive energy, both for yourself and the food on the board. One might call the process a positive exchange. When preparing food, Qi-board gives a good feeling of serenity and connectedness with the food. Your love flows into it. One recognises the taste of food prepared with love. It provides more energy and affection. Using a Qi-board means slowing down the march of time. One wishes to take more time to prepare meals. Qi-boards are part of the slow-food idea: prepare your food more self-consciously and lovingly and enjoy your food.

Qi-board cutting board
Qi-board cutting board
  • Hygienic and antimicrobial cutting boards
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-made
  • Cut from a single piece of wood
  • Warm and natural
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Qi-board is both attractive and a source of positive energy both for yourself and the food on the board