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True Camphor is ideal for Qi-board chopping boards

For large applications in the building industry or furniture manufacturing, true Camphor is less suitable, as the structure of the tree-trunk is relatively unequal. However this feature makes this wood type so attractive for Qi-board chopping boards. The pronounced vein structure of the wood makes the Qi-board so unique.

True Camphor is no rain forest wood

True Camphor is no rain forest wood but comes from the Australian East CoastThis wood, coming to us from Australia's East Coast, is not a local species, but a tree introduced at the turn of the century by Asian colonists in search of a shadow tree. They were imported because their growth was so much faster than that of many local Eucalyptus varieties. The trees are not an endangered species. Qi-board wood is extracted from selectively cut trees. As true Camphor sometimes grows too extensively in many parts of Australia, true Camphors are even deliberately removed to free up more space for local tree species.

Where do the Amanprana Qi-boards come from

Qi-board cutting board
Qi-board cutting board
  • Hygienic and antimicrobial cutting boards
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-made
  • Cut from a single piece of wood
  • Warm and natural
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No more dull knives Qi-Board from camphor wood is the ideal chopping board for high quality knives