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Special characteristics of the Qi-board

Unique hand-made product

Each Qi-board is individually hand-made in a small workshop. Each board is unique, having an individual shape and structure. Thus the beautiful wood patterns are highlighted.

No glued and pressed waste wood

Camphor trees Qi-board AmanpranaAll Qi-boards are made from one piece. The only addition is the handle, secured with wooden pins. This makes for good durability, as water can nowhere penetrate the board. More importantly still, your health will benefit. Pressed boards of beech or bamboo are kept in one piece by glue and other chemicals, likely to migrate into the wood and, beyond, into your food.

No blunted knives anymore

True Camphor offers an ideal cutting surface for high-quality kitchen knives. Soft enough to avoid blunting the blade, but hard enough to prevent excessive penetration by the knife, thus avoiding early wearing down of the board.

More 'yuj' with Qi-board

Yuj is a Sanskrit word meaning connection. The word 'yoga' is derived from it. Connectedness of body and mind, connectedness of yourself with your environment. This is precisely what the Qi-board does. The Qi-board provides a connection between the food and whoever enjoys it.

Qi-board cutting board
Qi-board cutting board
  • Hygienic and antimicrobial cutting boards
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-made
  • Cut from a single piece of wood
  • Warm and natural
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If used intensively at home the Qi-board will last more than 10 years