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With the purchase of this 'Eco Respekt' drinking bottle from Amanprana you are supporting the Amanprana 'Save the Sea' activities.

Amanprana Eco Respekt bottle product rangeIs our comfort society aware that the environment, air, sea, fish, seabirds and animals are being poisoned by plastics at an increasing speed? Thereby harming our food and ourselves? And what about tomorrow's generation? Fifty billion disposable bottles in Europe. More than 100 plastic bottles per person per year! Plastic is chemical, contains softeners, monomers, is not bio-degradable, stinks, migrates in drinks (especially during hot weather or in hot drinks) and increases the invisible mountain of waste. The production of plastics produces 5 times more greenhouse gas emissions than glass bottles do.

Fifty per cent of plastic bottles are recycled - pretty good, you would say, but you would be wrong. In the first place, a recycled bottle will never become a bottle again. And with every recycling, the plastic loses some value. Eventually, plastic is either tipped or burned. Half of the recycled plastic bottles are burned, and pollute the air that we breathe.

Plastic is not suitable for food, either. Whatever people might say. When you drink from a plastic container, small plastic particles enter the body. They disturb the hormone balance and those of a foetus, if there is one, and increase the chance of cancer. And plastic bottles and drinking containers are never cleaned completely (there is therefore a risk of moulds and microbes).

The Eco Respekt bottle of Amanprana for in the car The Eco Respekt bottle of Amanprana in the gym and while doing sports The Eco Respekt bottle of Amanprana for on your bike, while doing sports The Eco Respekt bottle of Amanprana on the beach, when shopping

A glass drinking container is a major step forward. A better world starts with you. Glass is clean, reusable, hygienic, 100% recyclable and odourless and does not harm the environment. Glass is inert, and will not leak into your drink. The cork is 100% natural and bio-degradableYou should use this 'Eco Respekt Drinking Bottle' made of extra thick, strong glass, covered in a shock-absorbing and insulating holder made of recycled materials, free of toxic metals. Safe on the bike, going to school, in your car, at work, at the gym, while hiking, etc. The engraved cosmogram (mandala) symbolises geometry while the vortex (spiral) at the top of the bottle signifies the vitality of water. The cork is 100% natural and bio-degradable. Cork is still the most environmentally friendly bottle stop.

• Contents: 0.5 L.
• Good for cold and hot drinks.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Colors: green, blue, red

Eco Respekt Bottle
Eco Respekt Bottle
  • Use glass, not plastic
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Carries a vortex (spiral) that symbolises the vitality of water
  • With a Shri Yantra mandala cosmogram
  • Comes in a handy recycled sleeve for when you’re on the go
  • 100% of profits got to the Save the Sea charity
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Invest in a reusable water bottle, the eco respekt bottle