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Ayurvedic carrot halva with Gula Java (palm sugar)

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Ingredients for Ayurvedic carrot halva with Gula Java (palm sugar)

(serves 6)


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Scrape and grate the carrots. Boil the carrots in the milk with the raisins, saffron and cardamom powder until cooked.

Add the Gula Java (palm sugar) and the flaked almonds but keep a few flaked almonds to one side for the garnish.

Simmer until the sugar has dissolved.

If you think the mixture is too thin, you may thicken it with arrowroot. Dissolve the arrowroot in 3 tbsp water and bring to the boil in a different pan. Add this mixture to the pan containing the other ingredients. Garnish with a few flaked almonds.

Recipe from the Ayurveda cookbook by Lies Ameeuw

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