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Es Kelapa Muda

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Photo : Diera Bachir  |  Chef :  |  © Noble House

Ingredients for Es Kelapa Muda


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1. Boil the water and add  the Gula Java coconut blossom sugar. Shimmer  until the gula java coconut blossom sugar becomes  liquid.
2. let the syrup cool down.
3.  Put  gula java coconut liquid into a long glass, add the  coconut meat and add some ice cubes or shavings.
4. Addional you can add some coconutmilk

Tip from Ida Rohimawati

as popular Indonesian Iced Drinks, also called by "Es Degan". In English, Es called by "Ice", Kelapa Muda called by Coconut, and Segar in english is "Fresh", so Es Kelapa Muda Segar in english is, Fresh Coconut Iced Drink

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