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Lies Ameeuw and the school of Ayurveda

Lies Ameeuw and the school of AyurvedaWho is Lies Ameeuw? Lies is an Ayurvedic therapist. She supplemented her studies with countless internships in India, both north and south, gaining extensive experience and a wide knowledge of Ayurveda and Indian herbs and preparations.

This led to a fascination with the relationship between body and soul, and to the search for a deeper meaning to "health and healing". It spurred her on to immerse herself in all possible aspects of Ayurveda and to follow training courses, enabling her to acquire the deep insight and broad perspective necessary to pass on the Ayurvedic approach.

In 1999 she established the School of Ayurveda. Here you can take a wealth of different workshops, cookery classes and courses in Ayurveda. In 2003 she started a 2-year therapist course and since then more than 100 people have graduated as Ayurvedic therapists.


To create a course which fulfils the original goals of Ayurveda, which is more than just medicine. Ayurveda was also originally intended to improve quality of life, to help people be themselves and flourish as human beings. It's a case of finding the answer to the question of who you really are.

The school sets out to comply with the practical application of Ayurveda, specifically in terms of making people better and delaying the aging process. The aim is to produce therapists who really understand how to apply their profession and know what they are talking about. For that reason there are 4 exams during the course, as well as plenty of practical experience.

As Charaka writes: A pure and upright doctor, he is rich in knowledge, skilful in action and has control over himself.

The school also seeks to fulfil the higher goal of Ayurveda, to be yourself, to be a happy person, on the one hand through knowledge and insight, connection with spirituality, alchemy and esoteric aspects, and on the other hand to create the space to work on oneself, to make people curious about their inner processes and possibilities. Once you know how Ayurveda works for you, you have a great deal to tell the world.

As Charaka says: The true Vaidya "he who knows" undergoes a second birth, he is filled with spirituality, respect and compassion for every living creature.

For more information on food and Ayurveda, we recommend 2 books:

Ayurveda Kookboek (Ayurveda cookbook) and Ayurveda vanuit het hart (Ayurveda from the heart) by Lies Ameeuw.

Available online at www.lies-ameeuw.be

Ayurvedic spicy fruit dish (chai herbs and palm sugar)